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The Facts Behind Jobless Claims

The labor market has been extremely weak due to the economic recession. However, some optimistic news recently emerged about the mostly pessimistic market. Most labor market analysts were expecting the market to continue to show more job loss.

General Motors – Behind the Scenes

General Motors is expected to start the process of its IPO as soon as possible. The United States government still owns a majority in the car company, with many referring to the company as “government” motors. The stock offering which will be made later this month will have the United States government’s portion of ownership cut down to around 35%.

Should the Fed Purchase Billions Upon Billions of Dollars in Securities?

The Federal Reserve is expected to announce that they will be purchasing $500 billion in long term securities to help ease fears about the economy. This unprecedented move by the Federal Reserve is expected to be announced at a November 2nd meeting with the policy makers. The policy is expected to get underway as soon as the Federal Reserve is able to.

Too Big to Fail – Too Stupid to Live

Remember how you, your kids and your grand-kids became indentured? When countless trillion deficit taxpayer dollars got wasted by government bailing out the biggest banks and largest corporations — just because they were too big to fail?

Ending The Mortgage Interest Deduction – What Will This Mean To The Economy?

Ending the mortgage interest deduction is one way for the federal government to get more of the taxpayer’s money and lower their deficit. At least, this is what the Obama administration seems to think. However, the question is; will this work? Of course, the answer to this is no. Raising taxes never produces more revenue to the government. The second question is; will ending the mortgage interest deduction hurt the economy? In this article, we will discuss this question.

House Sale Prices – Will Housing Ever Be A Good Investment Again?

Housing prices have fallen steeply in the last couple of years, and with good reason. Homes were purchased by irresponsible buyers and irresponsible mortgages were developed to make anybody qualify for one. It didn’t matter to the lender whether or not the buyer could actually pay the loan. Of course, selling houses to people who can’t pay for them will make for a housing boom! The problem is, now that the housing market has crashed, will it ever come back? Will it ever be wise to invest in a house again? This article will examine these questions.

Dairy Milk and Bakery Product: An Important Part of Interconnected Food Industry

Food and beverage industry in truth is nothing but a collection of reasonable disparate albeit interconnected categories of food components. Dairy milk and bakery products are integral part of the food industry despite looking distinct in features.

5 Reasons Not To Raise The Retirement Age

While increasing the retirement age may reduce government budget deficits in the short-term. In the long run, raising the retirement age may actually do more harm than good, for the economy, society, and the environment. Here are 5 reasons not to raise the retirement age…

Might This Be The First Step Towards The Answer To Economic Recession And Possible Depression?

So much of the Western World is facing recession and we do not know how things will develop or what the consequences might be. For many it will be a sore anxious and possibly painful time. People will lose their jobs. There will be financial restraints, and economic decisions made which may or may not resolve the issues. How did we ever get into this mess? Was it not through mismanagement and greed and selfishness and what we basically have to call sin? Some may even get into more debt and that is never the answer!

Spirit Of Diwali and Indian Economy

Diwali is considered to be the festival of lights. The mythical back ground may drive certain community to worship goddess Lakshmi where as in certain communities’ goddess Kali. No matter whatever the root cause of the celebration may be, the crackers unite the mass of Indian spirit.

US Fed Uncertain About Its Monetary Stance

It appears that key sections of the US Fed are uncertain about the monetary stance it should take for further stimulation of the US economy. Reading between the lines, these sections of the US Fed seem to be of the opinion that a Fiscal stimulus may be more appropriate to boost the US economy.

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