Fiery But Mostly Peaceful: The 2020 Riots and the Gaslighting of America

Historical Inflation Rates & Food Prices Coming?

Historical inflation rates are not longer just a distant mirage that lays ahead. There is a real likelihood this can happen sooner than later. Wheat prices in 2010 have seen the fastest rise in price for over 50 years.

Marketing in a Recession? How Consumer Behavior Tips Can Bring in Bigger Profits Despite the Economy

Savvy network marketer and other home based business owners know that just because consumer spending habits change doesn’t mean they still won’t spend that money. The trick to marketing in a recession is to understand how the consumer behaves in times like these. Keep reading and I’ll explain a little about the factors affecting consumer behavior that can help you get better leads and more profits.

What Happens During a Recession and How You Can Protect Your Financial Future

While we are all feeling the effects of the current economic recession many people don’t understand exactly what happens during a recession. In order to learn how to protect your financial future it’s important to learn all you can about the economic crisis. Keep reading and I’ll explain some key elements to a recession.

Recession Vs Depression – Learn About the Difference and How You Can Still Earn a Great Income

While it’s no secret that we are in a global economic crisis there is some confusion as to what is a recession vs depression. In this article I’ll briefly explain the difference between the two and show you some great ways of making money online easily in spite of the economic recession.

Middle Age and No Retirement Funds? 3 Things to Know!

We have reached middle age and have little or nothing saved or invested for retirement. Hindsight is 20/20 vision; there are financial mistakes I wish I could go back and correct. I want to retire in 10 to 20 years, or less!

US Middle Class? (Endangered Species)

Do you believe the U.S. middle class is an endangered species? I most certainly do!

Is the Big Bubble Bursting – US Collapsing?

Is The US really collapsing?. A minority of experts are now forecasting that the US empire as we know it is coming to and end. Is This A Myth? or Truth?

They Keep Saying the Rich Don’t Pay Their Fair Share

I recently heard a debate on talk radio about taxes. The debaters (and callers) were discussing the explosion of government spending in America (particularly on entitlement programs), the impending expiration of what are known as the “Bush Tax Cuts” enacted in 2001 and 2003 by former president Bush and Congress, and a current opinion piece in the mainstream media by a progressive pundit who continues to howl (along with other progressives in the federal government) that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes in this country.

How Have You Done As A Result of the Economic Crisis In America?

One of the most interesting things I want to know is how are Americans doing during this economic crisis. The media does not always report things the way they are, thus I am posing this question to readers.

Inheritance – Getting Pathological

Unbridled Inheritance in India and Pakistan is leading to extreme polarization of wealth and opportunity that shall tear the social fabric. It is imperative that large value inheritance be taxed as is the case in other developed countries.

After Armageddon

When we look back through the smoke filled skies of a nuclear winter where all is gone except the few of us that happened to be vacationing in New Zealand, we may wonder how this ever came about. It may occur to us that America was hamstrung. No changes could be enacted anymore because the end game of a corrupt democracy is always gridlock.

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