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What If The Government Shut Down and No One Noticed – It Happened in 1995 You Know

Some folks in our population have been led to believe that they need the Federal Government. The reality is you and I have so many layers of government that we really don’t. Oh sure we need a strong military – which indeed was the real reason for a Federal Government – to pool the resources of the states for a common defense – but we don’t need a Federal Government to tell us how to live our life or even command under threat of taxation, or penalty.

Can Worker Cooperatives Solve The Unemployment Problem?

Worker- coops whereby people combine their skills to run enterprises as worker-owners such as the Mondragon and Argentine models are expanding worldwide. They are potentially a big source of badly needed jobs in the U.S. and they also contribute to social integration and the reduction of poverty.

Personal Interest And Politics

People are attracted by personal interest, whatever they are: consumers, teachers, businessmen, employees, voters, politicians or public officials. Desires of an individual do not change with his movement to another work or job position. Assume that a businessman who has been successful as a director of a large company change workplace and it is appointed as head of a public institution. Can be found in this case any reason to believe that this individual will change its character? Now the work conditions under which the individual work will change, and this of course will be accompanied by some changes in his behavior. Basically it is the same person.

10 Reasons Why the Dollar Is About to End As the World Reserve Currency

Out of the foreign currency reserves in the world, 60% are in United States (U.S.) dollars. The largest economies are creating agreements to move away from using U.S. dollars for international trade. This shift will cause huge negative problems for U.S. citizens.

Economist Alfred Marshall May Have Missed By A Mile On More Than One of His Economic Theories

Not long ago, I was talking with an acquaintance who lambasted corporations, and while there have been many a greedy corporate executive who has taken advantage of the political system and the consumer, we must also understand that more often than not it is the corporation that needs the shell of armor to protect itself, as everyone is after its deep pockets – politicians, unions, lawyers, and regulators. Okay so, let’s talk about economic theory for a moment shall we? He noted that if a company’s efforts of production cause pollution and if that pollution flows into…

Public Versus Private Money

The physical object representing money (like a bank note) is public: it belongs to society. While its represented monetary value (like that of ten dollars) is private: it belongs to whoever controls its representing object (that bank note). Thus, money must be both private, as its value, and public, as its representation: despite private, its value must be social, which is impossible without its public representation. We must consider public versus private money to learn how money can either be privately public, as in bank notes, or just publicly private, as in Bitcoin.

Why the Numbers No Longer Matter in Deficits, Derivatives, or Debt

For decades now we have heard about the U.S. being too indebted and everything would collapse. The numbers have long since become fantasy and only faith and history have kept the currency afloat.

Four Money Myths

The fundamental money myth is that of money as the mere concept of its representation, which results from representational monetary identity — any monetary representation failing to distinguish between itself and its represented money. In addition to this fundamental myth, here we present three other money myths resulting from it: money creation “out of nothing,” money as the mere concept of an IOU, and money as either objective or subjective.

Keynes and Bush

John Keynes has had a lot of influence in economics. As usual with major thinkers, he was right about some things and wrong about others. The biggest problem is that he did not understand the destructive effects that high government indebtedness has on the economy.

Venezuelan Economy About to Slip Even Further Due to Socialism and Conspiracy Theory

Have you ever met someone with mild-schizophrenia? I have, and I am not sure why, I guess, because I am willing to listen to them rattle on about such-in-such, and actually engage their paranoia. Some of these stories are better than the late night conspiracy theory talk show with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM – the old Art Bell Show. Still, what happens when heads of state become too mentally entangled in conspiracy? Well, they can drive a whole nation to drink or into the economic drink.

Is Unemployment Insurance Also Corporate Welfare?

The other day, some members of our think tank were talking about the food stamp program, and the farm bill. We were also talking about how it is important for both sides of the aisle to work together. Of course, when they do, they seem to find brilliant ways to spend our money on the nonsensical things. The $800 billion they spent on the farm bill which will be distributed over the next 10 years included EBT card food stamp in social programs, farm bill subsidies, and in essence guaranteeing the food processing industry hefty profits and an ongoing concern for the next decade.

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