Focus Group Describes “What is a Woman?” With One Word

A Short History of the National Debt

A national debt is the country’s money that is owned by government to the third parties. When a country is running for repeated years at a deficit, the debt increases and has to be financed through loans, it is similar in the case of an individual or a corporation.

Security and Wall Street Bankers

In this article I want to address a continuing issue relative to our national economic security. While I realize that the focus here is about personal security and home security, specifically. I am taken with the information I have so far gleaned from news reports relative to the new bill being worked through the U.S. Senate.

Economists, Politicians, Meddlers, Puppeteers and Economic Performance Enhancing Drugs

Because most of the economists have never run a successful business before, they do not pull from their work experience as a knowledge base and a source of credibility. These professors of economics instead turn to quoting each other and their obscure trade journals that no one except for their fellow academic-economic-non-participant peers read.

Is the Coming Depression Merely on Hold?

Do you ever get the feeling that even in this so called economic recovery, we are whistling past the graveyard? What’s changed? I’m afraid that nothing has changed.

Welfare, Not Employment, Has Better Days Ahead – Part I of II

Information is power. The best training program in place would not benefit to the working class if appropriate outreach mechanisms are not designed accordingly. Such deliveries are local government’s responsibilities within the workforce community nationwide.

The Recovering Economy

As the nation became battered financially by the global crisis, one of the most affected sectors was the banking industry. Because the economic downturn led to people losing their jobs and other source of incomes, many banks had to take losses from the loans that these people have made before. Things seem to be looking up however, as two major banks in the United States have recently reported some form of growth or profit in the first quarter of this year.

Texas Energy Independence

Texas has its own electricity grid – not connected to the rest of the country. That gave Texas the ability to move swiftly in deregulating power markets, building transmission lines, and pursuing the development of wind energy. They didn’t need to get permission because there was no Federal jurisdiction and their plans did not affect other states.

Financial Reform and Bailout Levy in Africa

African governments must implement Bailout and Bonus levies on banks to mitigate the burden on tax payers during busts. The era of privatizing gains and socializing loses must end.

How Micropayments Can Drive the Future of the Nigerian Economy

One important aspect of micropayments is the fact that its definition varies from person to person. Generally, micropayments are regarded as financial transactions involving very small sums of money.

Mexico’s Upgrades For the Devil’s Backbone Highway – It’s All About China and Trade

It is amazing the Chinese investments in Mexico’s ports, actually it’s amazing the Chinese investments in ports around the world on nearly every continent in fact. Consider the “string of pearls” theory for instance, and the Chinese investment in Pakistan at Port Gwadar on the Arabian Sea. Why? Simple, China wants to have open markets for its products so it invests in ports in other countries to deliver its goods, smart thinking right?

Buying a New Home Or Starting a Business in This Economy

It is a very difficult decision to buy a home or start a new business, especially now with all of the foreclosures and unemployment rates going sky high. Make sure that you are ready for the consequences.

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