Former ANTIFA Member Details the Night That Everything Changed

When Coffee Was A Dime

The world when coffee was a dime seems so distant now. The turbulence of the times mirrors much of the events that occurred almost like it was 86 years ago. Even though much has changed yet much remains reminiscent of the times when coffee was a just a dime.

Trump Wins Trade War As Global Markets Plummet

Given China’s struggling economy, its already high tariff rates, and the size of its trade surplus, it is in a poor trade bargaining position. As a result, President Trump will win this trade war, which will bolster him to fight others. Unfortunately, there will be a cost and it is possible this will be the catalyst to an inevitable global downturn.

More Jobs Added, But Unemployment Goes Up? Welcome to Our New Reality

June jobs and unemployment numbers run against each other. The reason – a rising labor force participation. Along with the meager wage increase numbers this may indicate a weaker labor force and economy than what we may have been led to believe. Maybe this is not the time to continue forging ahead with fed rate increases.

Human Rights?

Today, our Republicans in congress and the Trump Administration are quite apt in forging a complete antithesis to the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. For that matter in no other time in our history has there been such an assault on human rights by a Republican run congress and a very ill-equipped President and his cabinet. The continuing debacle that this Administration has made not only here at home and in foreign affairs has made America’s decline in world standing almost irreversible.

Human Type of Crisis 1: The Indebted

Negri and Hardt, quite successfully, have identified four types of people created by the neo-liberal economic crisis. The first type is the Indebted. It is the man who has a lot of debt and is controlled by his/her debts. In USA the indebted as a human type appeared in the 1960s. Because of his debts, man is afraid of losing his job and unable to pay his debts. He constantly works, he feels stressed, guilty and unhappy because he thinks he is responsible for his debts and thus bears full responsibility. Unfortunate and involuntary, he is submerged in misery and isolation.

Thwarted Again?

It is quite apparent that the DNC as well as the most of our political leaders continues to be oblivious to the real crisis facing America today. Not only are they noncommittal to the mounting inequality but are intent in duplicating the travesty of the last Presidential Primary. Need we remind everyone of what happened in New York, Puerto Rico and in so many other states where the DNC purposely committed voter fraud in denying Senator Sanders bid for the nomination.

The Torch Has Been Passed

In all through those years since the late 1960’s the United States has evolved into a nation that ceased to learn from the lessons of the past as to what made America such a the great nation. This was the noble experiment democracy; a republic under God, one nation indivisible that our founding fathers entrusted to future generations. Sad to say that today our founding fathers would look down upon this nation and probably say “What the hell happened?

More’s Utopia

Thomas More (1477 – 1535) published the very first formal utopia. He imagined a complicated, self contained earth established on an island, in which communities shared a typical culture and way of living. More ‘s Utopian society is actually communal. Every family can make a clothes and a trade is learned by everyone. Women are actually viewed as weaker and thus deal in flax and wool, leaving the tougher trades to the males.

The Origins and Nature of Futurology

Futurology, also, tries to understand and evaluate possible future events. Like Seldon’s psychohistory, science is incorporated by it, founders a little when it is about details and is actually vulnerable to random occasions. Unlike psychohistory, futurology relies just as much on instinct and art as science. As any person who is been to the track, frequented Tomorrowland or even flipped through an old problem of Popular Mechanics are able to let you know, predicting the Future is actually tricky stuff. Lacking a time machine or even a working crystal ball, we sketch inferences from current events and past trends — hence all of the illustrations of individual helicopters.

The Twilight Zone

In an age of the unexpected where at a moments notice lives are upended, twisted and forever changed could it be that for many have already entered the Twilight Zone? Could it also be that we have reached the Outer Limits of insanity by our governments failure to set in motion policies that would negate all the violence in our public schools? As sobering as the times of today are we should remember a time in the distant past long before all the mayhem we see today.

Economics Based on Keynes

Keynesian economics, body of ideas set forth by John Maynard Keynes in the General Theory of his of Employment, Money and Interest (other works and 1935-36), meant to make a theoretical foundation for government full employment policies. It was the dominant school of macroeconomics and represented the prevailing strategy to economic policy among nearly all Western governments until the 1970s.

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