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US Debt Reaches 13 Trillion Dollars

US debt has reached 13 trillion dollars for the first time ever the treasury revealed on Wednesday. The admission sparked outrage and annoyance over government spending.

Budget 2010 – New Zealand on the Path to Economic Recovery

On 20 May 2010 the National Government announced its second (mid term) budget. The budget is viewed by most commentators as a pivotal one in seeing New Zealand led out of the recession. Most feedback on the budget has been positive. The government addressed many areas of tax including goods & services tax, personal marginal tax rates, company tax as well as the tax treatment of depreciation on investment property and tax losses on investment property and in particular, the treatment of losses in Loss Attributing Qualifying companies (LAQC’S).

Some Thoughts on the Critics of Capitalism

Indeed, I have been totally blown away by the media’s charge that somehow capitalism is bad, and that it hurts people. The reality is that capitalism is great and it brings people up. It is communism and socialism which brings people down, and “America has succeeded because of capitalism, not in spite of it,” and I’m not the only person that thinks that. In fact, Thomas J. DiLorenzo made that quote in his book “How Capitalism Saved America – The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present.”

What Would a Trillion Dollars Buy?

Trillion seems to have become the new billion, just like billion has become the new million. In terms of dollars, a trillion of them stacked one on top of the other would actually rise up and out through the other side of the Universe. I’ve never tried it, but I believe this to be accurate.

Property Prices – Ready to Boom, Bust Or Neither?

Now that the drama of the Election is firmly over with, and Mr Cameron is safely into his hot seat as the leader of this new Lib/Con coalition Government, its time to get down to some serious number crunching and addressing the stability (or lack of) of Britains economy. Other than Taxation and Employment, surely one of the main concerns on the minds of the British public is property; What the value is, What the future holds and whether or not prices are going up or down.

Goa – 2nd Best Competitive State After Maharashtra

A survey conducted by the prestigious business magazine Business world, has ranked Goa as the second most competitive State in the country with a score of 58.02 just behind Maharashtra which occupies the top position with a score of 58.38, says a government communique. The survey on the competitiveness of 27 States in the country defines competitiveness as a measure of productivity in terms of return per rupee invested.

The Recession’s Effects on Wage Theft

The effects of the current economic recession are further reaching than most analysts ever could have predicted. Those effects go far beyond the obvious issues such as unemployment and home foreclosures. One serious effect of the recession has been on the number of instances of wage theft in the United States.

Yeah, But Who Gave Them the Alcohol?

Professor Woods writes in his book, Meltdown, that the federal, state, and local governments’ programs encouraged people to buy homes, which created more artificial demand in the housing sector. Developers received “handouts, free land, new roads, and tax privileges to build homes…even if nobody want[ed] to buy them.”

Stable Economy – 15 Ways to Create and Sustain an Economy

A stable economy is one of the chief contributors to the feeling of well being and safety among individuals. We believe that each one of you can make a small difference in your own way to ensure that the economy of the future will be stable and safe.

Ups & Downs in the US Economy – A Mixed Bag For the US Economy

The economic news for the US in November 2009 was a mixed bag of good and not-so-good news. While new factory orders surged, pending home sales homes fell sharply. This is truly a mixed bag as a surge in new factory orders suggests that industry expects consumer demand to pick up and on the other hand a more than expected drop in sale of pre-owned homes suggests a sluggish consumer sentiment.

Wall Street Exposed Long Before It Hit the Fan

Big publishers want to sell already big names; discovering new ones is not in their wheelhouse. Are they responsible for the problems in the financial markets? Of course not, but they do have a perverse, if indirect, impact. By constantly publishing the same Wall Street friendly message, they contribute to the brainwashing.

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