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Until Something Better Comes Along, Capitalism Will Do the Trick

Until there is something better, capitalism is going to have to do the trick. It is the foundation of this country and will continue to be for the next hundreds of years.

Globalization – Advantages and Disadvantages

Thanks to globalization the world is moving closer together. But what are the good and bad sides of globalization?

What is Wrong in the Australian Economy? – Personal Responsibilities & the Economic Crisis

This is the third and final article in this series commenting on various aspects of the current crisis as applicable to Australia. The first article commented on the Australian political scene, the second on the effect other countries’ policies have on Australia. This one discusses personal responsibilities.

The Adjustable – Rate Mortgage, Another Culprit in the Economic Meltdown

Of the list of culprits of the past economic meltdown, Thomas Woods, the author of Meltdown believes that too much blame has focused on the sub-prime loans. Because the large increases in foreclosures occurred at the same time for both the sub-prime and prime loans, Woods rejects the common notion that the sub-prime loan problems somehow infected the prime loan market. The real culprit in foreclosures, Woods says, was not the sub-prime mortgages, but the adjustable-rate mortgages.

Financial Regulation – Cheering on the Battle of Micro and Macro

As any first-year econ student will tell you, there are two disciplines in economics – microeconomics and macroeconomics. And they do not like each other. As the U.S. Congress prepares to drop the hammer on the financial services industry, let’s consider the forces that are butting heads and why it is only now that they’ve decided to do so.

How the Richest Man of the World Uses Other People’s Brain to Break Into the Place of Superabundance

The richest man uses the people’s story to create wealth to hike the historic gallery of the world with uncommon treasures. The poor man has the raw materials to create money but could not because of timidity and lack of confidence in himself.

The Greek Brigands – The Culture of Financial Crisis

The Greek crisis has exposed existential weaknesses in the Greek economy and revealed shortcomings in the larger European system of financial checks and balances. But the often emotional responses have also proven a cultural polarity between north and south. There exists a fundamental rift in policy views between Mediterranean countries on the one side and Atlantic countries on the other side. Behind the Greek crisis lie causes rooted deeper in Greek culture.

The Benefits of Solving Ancient Mysteries

When people hear the words Ancient Mysteries, most of them think automatically in terms of secrets, conspiracy, cover up’s, mystical powers, pseudo science and so on and so forth. However, in this article we will look at Ancient Mysteries in a non bias and different way. Neither pro nor con, but simply in terms of solving them and what impact this would have on our planet and society.

Isn’t it Immoral to Loot Anymore? – Oh Wall Street Ethics!

Sub prime crisis started with mortgage companies giving loans to American public at near zero interest and with no due diligence and no collateral. This led to a boom in economic activity as homes were sold like hot cakes.

The Cosmetic Corporate Governance – Will Companies Learn Lessons From the Global Financial Crisis!

The global financial crunch sheds light on the significance of understanding what has happened in big financial institutions which collapsed and what we need to do to address defects in the thin-surfaced cosmetic arrangements of corporate governance and accountability. Obviously, the problems were not due to lack of corporate governance in these organisations, but how rather corporate governance framework has been used to mislead different stakeholders including the regulators.

Fixing the Economy is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Does the USA have to erode away as a Global power of the past? Certainly not, but drastic changes in Federal Government size will have to be made, taxation reform will have to occur and the Federal Government, through its downsizing will have to present Grants with a date of expiration for small business and a new exciting high tech industry that will render Global demand!

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