“Government is not our doctor.” Americans on their fight against mandates.

Leaving Bad Enough Alone In The Housing Market

Except for housing, much of the American economy is slowly but steadily recovering from the recession that began more than three years ago. The housing sector might be recovering by this time too, if we had not tried so hard to help it.

Impact of Japan’s Earthquake on World and Indian Economy

Japan was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on March 11. This massive earthquake led to major human tragedy in Japan killing more than 30000 people, leaving many injured, and many other still missing. The earthquake and the tsunami also struck nuclear installations in Fakushima Dai-chi power plant. Because of disruption in the power supply, the coolant cannot be supplied to the nuclear…

Japan’s Crisis – Global Outlook

Already in 2011, we have witnessed riots and revolts in the Middle East and North Africa, a war-like situation in Libya and devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. Through it all, world markets have largely held steady. So the good news for the rest of us is that the crisis in Japan will not derail global economic growth.

Trucking Stocks Have Uncertain Future

This article contains up-to-date information on the trucking sector stocks as well as some of the obstacles facing the trucking industry. The rise of crude oil prices as well as other factors are affecting the performance of trucking sector stocks and the number of external pressures on the industry make the future of the stocks uncertain.

Obstacles For Economic Development

Besides the availability of natural resources and other factors, some external factors and political factors play a dominant role in the economic development of the nations of the world. Relations with other nations, climatic conditions, vulnerability to the natural threats, etc also important factors which determine the rate of economic progress of a nation.

Economic Bubbles 101

Just as many of the diseases are the result of individual lifestyles – and in many cases they can be prevented – the Law of Cause and Effect applies to the economic bubble events. For example, the Real Estate Bubble that we experienced during the early 2000s did not “just happen.” Something did cause the bubble that eventually brought upon us the current financial crises. From an Austrian School perspective there is a logical explanation of how man-made economics (Keynesian-ism) bubbles form and why allowing the market to act freely would prevent them from happening.

Buying Customer Goodwill, And Keeping It

Anyone who runs a business knows that customers are among its most important assets. And although customers cannot be bought or sold, their presumed loyalty is a major consideration in nearly every merger.

Financial Troubles In Ireland

Ireland was known to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and up until recent years its economy transformed from an agricultural based one, to a modern economy. The focus changed on the high-tech industries and began to depend on trade and investments.

The Little-Known Link Between Recession and Divorce

The recession has been hard on a lot of people, and there’s really no end in sight. It has taken its toll on the job market, housing, and consumer spending, factors that have yet to show any major turnaround. Another statistic of the recession is an increased divorce rate. If there were any signs your marriage is over prior to riding the storm of the recession, a divorce is almost certain to come to fruition when the hard times hit.

Financial Problems Around The World

As much as economists try to avoid this situation, it seems that the economic downfall of a country or domain affects the surrounding nations and market fields, as well. Initially, it was believed that a separation of each economic field will prevent financial recessions from happening as the crisis within one domain would not affect the rest of the domains.

Is the Federal Reserve Illegal?

Bernard von NotHaus, a North Carolina man, was convicted Friday on “Domestic Terrorism” due to printing coins designed to be used as currency. The law used to convict him was that Congress has the exclusive power to coin money in the United States.

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