Here are Biden’s worst moments from his disastrous press conference

Uncertainty and A Great Crash In The Global Economic Situation – Can We Avert Them?

There are many economists who have no hesitation in cautioning that a crash of mammoth proportions in the world economic situation is staring us on our faces. According to these experts, no one can stop the United States, the European Union and China from speeding towards the intersection where the crash is expected to occur. The caution of these economists raises serious doubts about the future of the entire mankind.

Business Makes, But Government Takes

A “Demediacrat” said the other day that, if the government puts people to work digging a ditch and then filling it in again, it’s not a bad thing. “At least they’re productively employed,” was the assertion….

Is Hyperinflation Possible in America?

With the precarious position that we have recently put our economy in many have conjectured as to whether or not a bout of hyperinflation may be a serious reality. In this article we discover the facts behind this idea.

The Housing Industry Is the Problem!

A commentary about the TARP program and its inability to help the U.S. housing industry. The U.S. Housing Industry represents 17 to 18% of the Gross Domestic Product and the Obama administration has done very little to correct its problems.

Is China the Next Biotech Superpower?

Even though the economy right now is quite sour, China is about to spend billions of dollars on new biotech research, which will boost their economy and help them rise in superpower status. Right now China has a lot of money sitting around. With the U.S. in such dramatic debt levels right now, China has been saving money and not spending money like the U.S. has been in the last decade.

Anyone Who States That Regulations Do Not Hurt Our Economy Has Never Run a Business

As a retired franchisor and businessperson, I was often frustrated with all the rules and regulations at every level of government. It wasn’t just the federal government, as a matter fact when my business was small, there were not that many federal regulations that were too bothersome. It wasn’t until I started franchising in multiple states that I became completely irritated with all the rules and regulations of our federal government on interstate commerce and business.

Seven Simple Things That You Can Do To Help Improve The Economy

The reports of increasing energy and food prices, housing bubble, and the wearing of the U.S. Dollar in the global market is not actually new. However just recently, information came out that America has been stripped of its popular Credit Rating from tipple A. Now it stands at its new AA+ rating. Although the difference between the two ratings is just marginal, America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. The US Credit Rating mirrors America’s ability to pay debts and this new rating can deeply damage the credibility of this very influential country.

Credit Rating Agencies and the Impact of a Credit Downgrade

A lot has been said about the role Credit Rating Agencies they have played in recent crises. Even more questions are being asked by the public about the nature of these agencies. In this article we will take a closer look at these and explore some of the pros and cons of these agencies.

The US and Global Economy and The Future

This is an article about modern day psychology, economics and where the US economic future is headed. I give a strong reference to the historical context of macroeconomic polices and how they affect the global financial paradigm. Also I go into some more basic psychological aspects of human psychology in this document.

The US Debt Crisis Will Give China A Massive Boost

When Nixon was president many years ago he probably would not have predicted what was happening in the great country of America right now. With the economy in tatters, the Federal reserve taking matters into their own hands, and a very poor fiscal policy Nixon would not be proud to see what is happening right now in the great country of America. The amount of debt that now circulates America is is enormous.

New Revised Tax Code Needed

What answers do we have for the debt ceiling controversy? If we restructured and simplified the IRS tax code would life be a lot more bearable? Could we be able to pay down the national debt quicker? Would there be light at the end of the tunnel?

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