Here are Joe Biden’s worst moments from his State of the Union address

The Saga of Changes in India Continues

The things really started moving after the liberalization started, perforce, as a consequence of India’s foreign exchange crises in 1991, when the foreign exchange reserves of this country dipped below the US dollar one billion mark, and India was close to defaulting on loans it had to pay back soon. It pledged part of it reserves of gold held in the Reserve Bank of India and airlifted it to the Bank of England to get an Indian Monetary Fund loan to tide over the crisis. India had foreign exchange to pay for the three weeks of import.

Who Should Get A Tax Break?

You’ve heard them, the talking heads brimming with hidden agendas with the coldness of a robot, on the news telling you the only way to stimulate the economy any further or to bring back jobs is to give the big FAT CATS a break. Big corporations need incentives to reinvest in their companies, in spite of record profits and then, they’ll hire more people and thus solved our economic problems. The scenario seems upside down.If anyone needed help it would be the middle class and “mom and pop” small businesses. Take another look at the so called “trickle down theory”. Maybe, we should consider a “trickle up theory”.

Economic Predictions for 2011 and How to Survive From the Worst

Right now the economy is on a conspiracy spree that threatens to shake up everything from its normal course for everyone. We will discuss what the economic scenario is likely going to be like as predicted by market experts, while we also prepare ourselves for worst among worst. * The economy is expected to slump into yet another recession when the year 2010 comes to an end as per economic predictions for 2011.

Surviving The World Economic Crisis

The nightmare is not yet fully over. The impact was so huge that when it started, everyone felt that it would last for eternity. Right now, with the world economic crisis slowing down but not yet done, individuals, big businesses and small companies strive to put themselves together.

World Financial Crisis Exposed Bare

There is mass havoc whichever side we look at in the current scenario. There are people who can’t stop worrying why the culprits of financial problems move around freely. There is also the worldwide financial meltdown which will definitely affect livelihoods of millions in this inter-connected world.

Making the Most Out of the Current Economic Crisis

There is a way to make profit out of every situation. If people are not too busy just contemplating about the failing economy and instead concentrate on all their resources into the profitable options given below, the current economic crisis will be actually a case of blessing in disguise.

There Have Been Slight Improvements In Secured Loans And Remortgages

Although there have been signs of improvements in secured loans and remortgages, things in the finance line are difficult. We were still in the credit crunch at the start of 2010 and it has been difficult in the lending industry..

The Future of Jobs: Hiring Technology, Green Talent and a Space Race

The state of the American Job has been drastically fluctuating over the past few years.  As the economy took a dive towards the gutters, the job market also took a pretty hard hit.  Recently, however, things are looking a little brighter as the economy and job forecast appear to be picking up (albeit slower than we’d all like).

Nigeria’s Hand-To-Mouth Economy

Following the discovery of crude oil within its shores, Nigeria, an agriculturally-endowed nation, abandoned agriculture and relied totally on the revenue from crude oil. Today, the adverse effects of that misadventure are being felt as many of the country’s citizens live from hand to mouth, and the country relies on other countries for its food supplies.

What Is Deflation Anyhow?

A major new economic trend is now solidly in place… It will fool 9 out of every 10 investors and affect everything you own. My mission: to make a positive difference in peoples lives and to help them survive the coming deflation economy and the greater depression.

Outrageous Fees Proposal – Students Facing a Brutal Choice

Plans to allow universities to triple tuition fees and charge students up to £9,000 a year have left the Government facing its biggest test of coalition unity. Universities said they will be left with no choice but to massively increase fees as they face huge cuts in Government funding.

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