Herschel Walker Slams Colin Kaepernick’s Woke Documentary

What Will Happen If Greece Defaults?

We all know that Greece can’t pay it’s debts and, as such, sooner or later it’s going to have to default. When it does, as many financial analysts say, the situation is going to be relatively similar to what happened in the United States in 1998. Except much worse.

A Cluster of (Minor) Errors

One of the things that we have been conditioned to believe in both business and in life is that mistakes and errors need to be avoided.  This idea pervades our education system, our mindset as employees, and our behavior as business owners.

The US Recovery Is Producing Surprises

Many of the doom and gloom forecasts of three years ago have not materialized. Some of the positives have been quite surprising.

A Sigh Of Relief For The Economic Status Of The US

In what may be termed as a sigh of relief for the US economy and the Forex world, a marginal change in joblessness claim numbers suggested that all is not lost for the US economy. The positive news comes out of a fall in jobless claims filed from 432000 a month ago to 404000 recently.

Human Nature, Capitalism, and Greed and Power Discussed

Some blame capitalism for the 2008 Global Economic Crisis and the current slow motion train wreck in the EuroZone; however, I am not one of them. Indeed, I’d say; had the socialists not hijacked the flows of capitalism, along with their crony capitalism cohorts, we’d have never gotten into this pickle in the first place. Okay so, now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, let’s talk shall we?

Progressivism Isn’t Progress, VII

I still hear otherwise-brilliant people (including the erudite Newt Gingrich and talented talker Glenn Beck) refer to this “progressivism of the right,” claiming that it leads to fascism as inexorably as “progressivism of the left” leads to communism. That’s wrong. It’s true that progressivism is a disease that’s infected all major American institutions of influence, including both political parties, but in fact progressivism only “progresses” in one direction: toward the left, toward big government, and toward totalitarian statism….

Higher Gas Prices Are Expected For the Rest of 2012

Since the start of 2012, many Americans were met with the highest gas prices seen ever. The worst thing is that analysts are now predicting the worst is not over, with prices tipped to go well over $5 during the year. Making matters even worse is the current tensions in Iran, and the threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, which has driven crude prices sky high.

Jobs, the Economy and Unemployment

The other evening I watched a contemporary film that I’m positive was meant by its writers and producers to be a modern day story depicting five well-to-do company executives who like many of us, become victims of our country’s financial meltdown, or as the news media calls it – the Recession. These unfortunate souls were forced to go from multi-million dollar homes, corporate jets, vacation houses in the Bahamas, first-class country club memberships..

The History Of Money

In the earliest of times trading and bartering were used in the exchange of goods and services. The trading of such items as herd animals, sea shells, salt, tobacco, gold, gemstones and other similar items were commonly used by man before actual currency was invented.

Standard and Poor’s Lowers National Debt Rating on Many Eurozone Nations

When the US had the 2008 Economic Crisis many in Europe said that we deserved it, and it was our own fault, others laughed, and said that we didn’t understand economic hardships or what to do when things went astray – in fact, they chastised our Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and Executive Branch. They claimed capitalism was dead and they had things completely under control. Well, they spoke far too soon, far too loud, and now who’s laughing?

Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand Concept Considered – Modern Day Dialogue

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance about economic theory, namely Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” concept, which he felt was elegant and revolutionary thinking. Indeed, when you hear it for the first time, it really is, isn’t it? Okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

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