“Hollywood Has DESTROYED Itself” Actor Nick Searcy Breaks Down Hollywood’s Woke Agenda

How Do We Live Though Pressed For Money?

The simple answer to my article title is creatively, but to those who need more, I will write more. When I say creatively, I do not mean anything illegal. I do mean creativity based on rational thinking and honest effort though.

Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

Technology, social evolution and general change in times require that society evolve with it. This comes with the emergence of new trends, new language, new art expression and new jobs that we didn’t even conceive of ten years ago.

Global Economies, Equities, Currencies and Gold Markets on Edge!

I know for many of us… news seems to be nothing more than presentation of a gathering of all the negative information available to fill twenty minutes of a thirty minute time slot. Stories of intense individual crisis from around the world in addition to global economic and environmental crisis is more than we were meant to handle in my opinion. It is like the media’s goal it to help us pretend to be all knowing – Omniscient Stock market recoveries are not paralleled by increases in the price of Gold. They almost always move in opposites. If there ever was a reason to worry about the state of global economics in my opinion, it can be summarized by the continued rise in the price of gold even as equities markets went up.

Current Financial Crisis – An Overview in Brief

Global financial crisis is very wide subject and yet much talked about recently. Almost all the countries in the world are affected by the current financial crisis, the wealthiest to the poorest, one way or the other. Economists are of the opinion that the global economy is under a down-turn arising out of this crisis, from which the recovery is not possible in the immediate future.

Causes of Unemployment and How it Has Effected the Baby Boomers

Are you an older unemployed worker or know someone who is? We all know that the unemployment rate is very high right now.

Be Economical and Resourceful in the Recession

In this time with the recession being a deep and as bad as it has been, there has never been a more important time to be economical and resourceful to help save the pounds and the pennies. The recession has improved and in many ways on paper it appears that the country is coming out of it however the scars of it are going to be felt for years to come with many people losing homes, jobs and savings to survive.

Discover the New American Underclass

It’s something that we never thought would happen in America: the division of the people between two classes. According to recent reports by Damien Hoffman at the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, the United States has a growing underclass that seems to be increasingly economically immobile. To find evidence of the growing imbalance between Americans, you need look only to Washington.

Teacher Layoffs – Enough is Enough

With the economy in a downward spiral, teacher layoffs are becoming all too common. It is leaving a lot of people in a bad situation. Can anything be done?

Collaboration, Not Competition

Collaboration not competition is my motto. It is one of the great debates of our time – to collaborate instead of compete. Could it apply to you or what you do? Is it the way to a better tomorrow?

The Secret to Surviving the Coming Economic Collapse

A small group of economists predicted the current crisis. These same economists are predicting things to get much worse before they get better. In fact, some are predicting the DOW to drop below 3,000. Let that sink in for a minute…

The Shifting Snacking Landscape of America – Efforts to Avert the Decline of Sales

There are a few reasons why the sales for some beverage and snack markets have declined a bit, in the recent months and the past year. This article will examine why some snack food and beverage markets have shown a decline in sales in recent times, and how the associated corporations are working towards improving sales figures: new product launches, a shift in focus of product lines, and innovative technology highlight the few possible motivators for the improvement of sales.

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