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It’s Raining Money! – Money Flowing Freely From World Central Banks

It’s raining money… so rip off the roof and stay in bed, it’s raining money! It is no wonder the stock market is rising. There is so much liquidity in the market place and with interest rates so low there is no place to go but “risk on” assets.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, II

You need to do your part in the great project of our time: the restoration of America. You need to develop the conscience of a restorationist. The bad news is that it’s a daunting task that faces us; the good news is that America has always functioned best on a project basis (see World War II), and that, working together and separately, we can turn this thing around…

What Is The Dow Jones Index? And Who Is The CME Group?

There is a group of 30 US companies controlling $3.8 Trillion US Dollars. These 30 companies make up the Dow Jones Industrial group which seem to have had a very high impact on the economy due to their collective market capitalization.

Why Oil Prices in Europe Are More Than In the US

Today, the whole world is going through a fuel crisis and suffering from higher prices on oil. The current situations show that Europe, especially the Euro zone is seriously affected by the higher oil prices than any other part of the world. One of the reasons is relative cost of the Euro and the US dollar; the currencies of the Europe and the US.

Soaring Oil Prices A Main Concern For Asia

The Euro debt had posed a big threat to the economic growth in Asia. This threat however will soon be replaced by the rising oil prices. The high prices on oil will suffocate oil demand while having adverse effects on exports.

The Weimar Hyperinflation – Could It Happen Again?

At the end of WWI Weimar Germany was suffering from rising inflation, which was starting to get out of control. During a two year period from 1921 through 1923 Inflation was running away. During the time, nearing the end of 1923 Weimar Germany would forever be remembered as a place where one of the greatest hyper inflationary events in history took place. When hyperinflation finally took hold of Germany during this time, its devastating grasp wiped out the entire Weimar Society.

Best Stock Market Indicator Points Higher – Swimsuit Model and the Fed Join Forces

What must certainly be the best stock market indicator known to man has blessed the stock market. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue indicator is screaming for a big year. When an American graces the cover, like this year, the stock market goes up 88% of the time for an average gain of 14.3%.

The American Dream’s Not Dead, Just Different

The “American Dream” is a mantra, an ideal, a national ethos in which the citizens of this great country believe they have an equal opportunity for liberty, prosperity, and success. It is founded upon the bedrock of the United States Declaration of Independence, that declares “all men are created equal”, and that they are “endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights” including life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Don’t worry! I’m not writing to give a lesson on American history.

Are the BRICs Crumbling Over Free Trade?

We all know that the BRICs are; Brazil, Russia, India, and China. They seem to have banded together in a trading bloc to help each other, they all consider themselves fast-moving emerging nations, and they realize with their demographics, vast resources, and growing economies that together they can harvest their synergies and move forward even faster. Yes, looking at these countries as a trading bloc, I would concur, except for one thing.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist

America is fading away; at times, you can hardly see it any more. Why? Because a minority among us are enemies of the very idea of America, and they’ve been slowly pulling us away from our intended nation for more than a hundred years. And because the majority of us, perhaps duped into believing the “professionals” in our government had everything under control, have blissfully ignored the creeping cancer of statism that’s been growing on our country. But since America has led the free world for generations, the strength and prosperity of us all depends on the all-important restoration of America….

Migration Trends in Africa

Africa is a vast spacious continent riddled with war, famine and political corruption. In many parts of the continent, everyday has a new outlook. Economic migration is a source of new horizons with the money remittances it brings. It is this migration that can be used as a rock to build it’s future.

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