How Bryson Gray Became the Most Banned Rap Artist

The Guaranteed Basic Income

During my recent trip to Germany I heard of a new initiative which interested me greatly. It’s called the “Basis Income”, according to which every individual – child, working adult or retiree – receives a guaranteed basic income, sufficient to live on, financed by the state. This is not unemployment insurance or a political handout, but a right. Sound utopian? Let’s examine the idea in order to determine whether it is practical or just a utopian dream.

Life Extension, Rejuvenation, and Return of Youth to Save Population Growth Theory

There is an economic theory that states that you need to have that minimum 2.2% population growth to prevent your economy from becoming stagnant and backpedaling. If you don’t have population growth, then you will have GDP decline, and then you won’t be able to pay for the services needed to run your society and civilization.

You Can’t Inflate Your Way Out of a Bubble You Inflated Your Way Into – Can You?

It seems unfortunate that bad policy, spending, and lack of fiscal responsibility caused the crisis in Europe and yet, they plan on bailing things out, guaranteeing re-negotiated debt, and then inflating their way out of it. Even if the EU charter gets completely re-written and the ECB becomes a super bank like no other, and gets help from the Federal Reserve, and China follows suit with currency floating to prevent the terrible trade imbalances, if, if, if, and really all that is never going to happen, and let’s not forget the need of the PIIGS to agree to massive austerity…

Protect Yourself by Learning the Boom-Bust Cycle Symptoms

The boom-bust economic cycle is not a phenomenon that “just happens” without an underlying cause. For example, the most recent real estate boom brought upon us a fascinating economic adversity. While most people experienced financial ruin, very few have been able to protect their assets. How did they do that? They learned to recognize the symptoms of the business cycle. Read the article to find out how you can learn what only a handful know.

The Federal Reserve Bank – What Is It Really?

The Federal Reserve is one of the largest problems facing America today. The one question many people ask is what does a Federal Government Bank have to do with our nation’s problems? For starters it is Federal in name only.

A Look at the Las Vegas Economy in 2012

This is a statistical look at the state of the Las Vegas economy in 2012. I focus on what these statistics mean for homeowners in Las Vegas.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, VI

What can you do? You might run for office or support a campaign, seeking to restore freedom to our nation’s political process. You might write letters or start asking questions at public meetings, seeking to restore true “citizen journalism” as the watchdog for our freedoms. Or you could unleash your entrepreneurial spirit by doing the one thing Americans have always done better than anyone: start and run a business….

Ignorance in the Economy

The Great Depression was one of the first major stumbling blocks of the United States’ economy. Because it was the first people took it seriously. It looked like the nation was on the brink of collapsing, so people were scared into accepting the truth.

The Gilded Age and Now

The path to a productive nation is not an easy one. The chaos of the world bombards the country while it attempts to stand. Once its feet are under it the nation has to satisfy its peoples’ needs. The Gilded Age and the age we live in now are two points along this path. The Gilded age occurred during the first step, while we were building our presence in the world. Our current age is part of the second step, evening out the crack and polishing up the nation.

Questions on Economic Suffering

This is a study on what one can do about their economic suffering. Hopefully, one might find a better way in how to look for a job or to become financially independent.

More Bailout Money for Europe – Sounds Risky Indeed

In watching a slow-motion economic train rack in the European Union, we have watched the trouble with the PIIGS – Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain dealing with the challenges of default. We’ve also watched the restructuring of debt fall flat on its face, and even talk about breaking up the European Union completely. None of this is very good, but the amount of debt outstanding now is so significant, it’s almost as if the EU cannot bail itself out without printing trillions of dollars, and destroying its currency.

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