How China Has Infiltrated American Education

Inflation in Food Costs and the Vexing Challenges in 2011 on Supply and Demand

Inflation is happening everywhere, the US will be last hit due to our high unemployment right now, but it’s already causing huge waves in the rest of the world, on nearly every continent. Things are looking serious and we’ve already seen riots and protests in Pakistan, Middle East, Africa, South America – while the crisis is brewing in India and China to epic proportions. There was an interesting article posted to the Dark Government Website recently titled; “World Food Priced Hit Record, Still Continuing to Rise” published on February 4, 2011 – which echoes some of the concerns…

Possible Economic Trends in 2011

Worldwide people will experience immense social and economic change in 2011, as the change in economic power continues to shift east. Possible economic trends in 2011 include: A backlash against austerity from Europe – the need for deep austerity is seen by many and at the same time is also perceived as being unfair and unbalanced. This could lead to further demonstrations as well as many European countries defaulting on their debts.

What the New Economic Policy Is All About

Well, generally, it was an economic policy that was originated by Vladimir Lenin from Russia. Its sole purpose and main goal was to prevent the economy of Russia from totally collapsing or blowing off into smithereens.

The Worldwide Economic Crisis

Everywhere you go, you will be able to hear news about the economic crisis. For example, the United States of America is currently suffering from recession. It means that United States’ economic activity begins to slow down thus making business profits, household incomes; employment rate and inflation rate fall.

National Inflation Rate

The wide ranging rise of the prices of goods and economic assistance in a period of time is what we call inflation rate. When the prices of goods and other products increase, it tends to affect the rate of those who consumes that certain good, for the buying rate decreases. It is often a negative outcome on some economic businesses for the less buyer they will have, the lesser they will receive in return from their investments.

Economic Recovery and Technologies Like 4G Wireless Internet

When President Obama took over the White House it was during a time when the country needed a leader to steer it out of a severe economic depression. One of the methods he cited to bring the country back around and jump start the economy was the implementation of plans to establish more high speed internet networks. In a country where many places are still working with dial up internet, it’s hard to hold them to the same standards of business and industry that businesses with top technological access are reaching. When internet can get a company half way across the world on the phone in a matter of seconds, it doesn’t make much sense to do business with one that has to do everything by ‘snail mail’ still, but that’s what happens in the absence of a broadband internet connection. The cost of expanding high speed networks like cable and DSL, the terrestrial broadband networks, just doesn’t make sense for either the government or private communications companies. Now, the real technology of the future will come from mobile networks like mobile WiMax.

The Real Truth Behind The Dollar

It comes as no news to anyone that the U.S. dollar has recently been in free fall. Two actors are conducting the moves, namely he Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. Due to their policies and decisions, we hear more and more about the risk the dollar is facing – that of becoming ‘toxic waste’.

Did Bernanke Caused 2011 Food Riots?

Massive civil unrest has played out in the northern parts of Africa and the Arab world recently. But where did all the anger and hatred come from? Who can we blame at the top for these troubles?

Global Risks Rising

The prevailing wisdom is that the Great Depression started in 1929 because of the stock market crash. However, the brunt of the damage was done by the bond market collapse, which started in 1931 in Austria and spread like a virus. Panic spread throughout Europe because creditors started now questioning loans made to all countries.

Laundering, Greatest Killer Of a Nascent Economy

The issue of money laundering is generating national discourse among Nigerians because of its negative implications on the economy of the country. It is generally agreed that it is a phenomenon that is worse than terrorism. The argument is that since the economy is its first victim, it naturally affects every citizen of the country, as against terrorism which only affects a portion of the people of the country.

Recession or Just Cleaning House?

America’s debt to income ratio as compared with other countries. We are all feeling the crunch of the economy and receiving the news of businesses folding, cutting back on spending, hiring freezes, crazy bonuses, government bailouts, and complete countries going bankrupt but how much of this is the reality of the state of our economy as a whole and how much is an excuse to clean house.

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