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The US National Debt

With the global recession occurring, you’ve probably heard of the term “national debt” more often than before. Well, it’s because of all of the nations around the world that are encountering issues with their own government debts. Keep reading to learn more about the national debt.

Debt Ceiling Debate Is A Big Story With Little News

Washington’s long-term fiscal health, not today’s debt ceiling debate, is what really matters for the economy. No new information about the United States’ financial status has come to light in this debate.

Buy American – YES, We CAN Take America Back

How you spend your money can make a difference in the economic structure of America. Buy American and you can CHANGE the economy, put people back to work, increase buying power and improve the economy across the country – all buy just reading the labels. BUY American and make a world of difference in the strength of the American Economy. We don’t need Congress to write a law, we can buy American ourselves. Let’s do it!

Hangovers and the Cost of Paying the Tab

Since the foundation of our nation, our economy has gone through what are known in the trade as economic cycles. Although the general trend of growth was positive, periodically, for reasons not totally understood (but probably having to do with mass human psychology), we have experienced times of prolonged economic growth followed by periods of sharp economic decline. As you can imagine, considerable thought and effort have been spent trying to figure out how to even out the economic growth so these did not happen.

China Is in a Financial Pickle and Their Banking Sector Has Worries

It is interesting that everyone is looking at the United States as if we were going to do fault on our debt. First of all, that was totally ridiculous, and surely the United States would pay its obligations on its debt prior to spending on other things. Nevertheless, it also appears that while everyone was looking at the United States, they may have been looking the other way at other nations that are in financial hot water of their own.

Poisonous Temptation? Food Stamp Enslavement

Food stamps are starving us! Considering what we have just learned about food stamps, it should be plain to see that a dangerous percentage of Americans are depending on the Stamp Program and the decrease in financial self-sufficiency – even physical self-sufficiency – is rapidly diving towards a critical point of destruction.

US Public Enemy Number One – Healthcare Costs

The most major financial problem for the United States is healthcare costs. Here is why and here is how you can survive this medical mayhem alive.

Something I Can Finally Trust, the Government

As good as a government guarantee. Unless you have been under a rock or in a coma, you know full well that the US government has been been the so reliable in recent decades, particularly financially.

When Will Lending Return to Normal Activity?

Have you wondered lately as to why banks are not lending? Or maybe you have heard many conflicting economic news such as some economists telling us we should be concerned with Deflation while some are adamant that Inflation is the major economic threat. Read this article to find out the possible outcome, what may cause it and its connection with the lending activity or inactivity.

Kenya’s Youth Employment Challenge

The youth of Kenya, between the ages of ten and twenty-four number 12,200,000, or 35% of the country’s population according to the Population Reference Bureau. Atieno Ndomo, a Kenyan social and political economy analyst says, “Kenya sits on a time bomb of youth unemployment, marginalization, and contemptible tokenistic treatment.” Ndomo reported that 61% of Kenya’s youth are unemployed.

Elasticity of Demand

When dealing with the pricing of a certain good, many factors can equally contribute to an effective price range. Most of these factors deal with elasticity, the response of one variable in question to a change in price. When changing price, usually the demand is directly affected according to the necessity of the good. Determining the elasticity of a good can also determine the direct necessity in society, or the margin for growth in price or production.

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