How Michael Knowles Went Viral Writing A Blank Book

Big Business Is Driving Australian Dairy Farmers Out of Business

Australian dairy farmers are rapidly going out of business because of reduced milk prices in supermarkets. Two major companies started a price war on milk some five years ago by offering milk for $1Au a litre, that is less than a bottle of water. The farmers are getting so little in return that it does not cover their expenses.

Fear Drives the Economy

People are driven by fear and pain and fear of pain is the biggest driver. The way he economy runs is by creating a need based on fear of losing out or of missing out. Salespeople know it all to well and advertisements in the media aim at the part of us that triggers the emotions.

The Global Financial System Is on Life Support

This is something that came over the radio today. Because the systems are breaking down as the truth flows over the world the economy is doomed. People are angry and they loathe to vote for the incumbent governments representatives who have failed to put them first ahead of the multi-national companies that are ripping everyone off.

What Stay-At-Home Moms Must Know About Social Security

The things we don’t know can and very likely will rise up to bite us in times of adversity. In our unstable economy, it’s even more incumbent for women and others vulnerable financially to be aware of how the Social Security system, in particular disability benefits, works.

Significance of Econometrics

Econometrics does deal with the relationships among several variables. It is a branch of social sciences in which the tools of economic theory, mathematics, ans statistics are applied to analyse economic phenomenon.

Free Markets Work Beyond U.S. Borders

Jobs is by far the most important and crucial point to changing the direction of America. Republicans like to focus on Trickle down economics without remembering Trickle up economics. Democrats seem not to realize that the size of government can not remain the same while our private sector lies in ruins. Both sides seem not to fully grasp the complexities of the situation we are in and how to fix it. If there is a way to fix it. We may have to wait for the Invisible hand to do it for us which may take some time.

Economic Development and Child Labour

Laws related to child labour may not yield the desired results. But enhancing the quality of life will reduce the menace of child labour.

The “R” Word?

The fact is, there are few fundamental signs of a recession. Despite that, the tumult in the equity markets this past quarter caused many commentators to toss the “R” word around as though one were on the horizon. Yes, there is always a chance that a recession could begin in 2016.

Who Are The Real Builders Of A Nation?

No, Not the planners, financiers, engineers, architects, managers. They are one of the inputs in the production process.

Fiscal Calamity: The Coming Financial Crisis

With all the fan fare on this year’s Presidential election where so many are focused on Trump or Clinton underneath the facade of political rhetoric lies in wait a financial calamity the likes of which would decimate this nation. With blundering policies from trade deals to military interventions over the past 30 years have impoverished this nation. The fact of the matter is the United States is beyond fat broke.

Solving the Global Debt Crisis

Epidemiologist have identified a 3D dysfunctional epidemic transmitted via the mass manufacture of information and communication devices. It has no foreseeable antidote and the best that can be done is to mitigate the damage it is causing. In philosophical logic this chaos is referred to in terms of carcinogenic growth and development. In modern quantum biological cancer research the dysfunctional information flows in the opposite direction to the energies of chaos. The 19th Century linguistic colour perception theories have recently been upgraded into a neurological science, from which the antidote appears obtainable. However, it requires a review of first principle logic before the relevant data can be programmed into a computer to generate a successful conclusion

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