How Project Veritas Exposed Planned Parenthood, ABC News, and Jeffrey Epstein

Inflation – Growth Is Good, The Universe Is Inflating – The Economist Stated?

Boy, I tell you. One thing that really bothers me is when journalist, aka political operatives, hijack the science news for their own accord. Taking a scientific research study, blowing it out of proportion, as big as the universe in some cases and just keep blowing it up bigger and bigger and then use that to somehow suggest a correlation for to some political agenda item. Let’s talk.

China’s Uprising and Imminent Stagnation

No country has risen as fast as China, but few paths of growth are as unsustainable as the one they are currently on. Fueled by inflation and compromising on social welfare projects, China’s economic prowess comes at a huge cost. The hype surrounding it is well deserved, and over here I give some reasons for its success and why I feel they are on a track of imminent failure.

Public Choice Nobel Prize proves Public Servants First Serve Their Own Interests

The Nobel prize for Economics was awarded to Public Choice. It proved that politicians and bureaucrats put their own interests – not the public’s – first!

Yellen’s Goof: Speaking Her Mind

The Fed’s new chair startled markets by giving a clear answer to a direct question about future interest rates. The markets could get used to such honesty if given a chance.

What Is the Next Economic or Industry Bubble To Pop?

Today, someone asked me what the next bubble to pop would be. We were talking about alternative energy and how things had petered out and with public funding going, how it looked to be in dire straits. He wanted me to give him a “right now” answer and so I said; “How about robotics?” But then I thought how that wasn’t really true in all sectors or industries and robotics is in nearly all modern industries today, many of these robots are very much entrenched and have been for a while, so they are not going anywhere.

Why Is Rail Freight Important?

The world’s economy is dependent on efficient transportation of goods and the movement of freight. As a matter of fact, there is a very strong connection, for instance, between a county’s GDP (gross domestic product) and the ton-miles of travel of rail and trucks. Among the most popular modes of transport for goods across the world is by rail freight which is why it is important for those who keep a close eye on investing opportunities to keep themselves abreast of rail freight news.

A Bulwark Against Another Financial Panic

Six years after Bear Stearns collapsed, financial institutions are collaborating on a new plan to backstop a key money market. It means a crisis of confidence is less likely to repeat itself, regardless of which way the political winds happen to blow.

Canada’s 2013 Bumper Crop May Not Decrease Food Prices For Consumers

Some Canadian farmers are frustrated that their crops from the Fall 2013 harvest is still in their fields. But are Canadian consumers going to see lower prices of foods as a result, and will farmers still make the profits they want. Time will tell as we look to see how this situation plays out.

Is The Indian Dream Not Going To See The Light Of Reality?

Before any of us wears the astrologer’s cap to predict the answer to the question in this article’s title it would be critical to understand what this Indian dream was (or still is) and why it has so far not seen the light of reality. The dream of becoming a leading global economic power like (if not bigger than) China and the other developed economies on the world stage before China’s arrival on the scene was based on two key paradigms: (i) The world would provide a global centre-stage for an economic power, and (ii) The global economy would…

Trickle Down Economics Was a Mean-Spirited Label For Political Purposes to Malign Reagan

Tickle Down Economics is a nonsensical phrase used to malign Ronald Reagan Administration economic strategies of priming the economic pump. Interestingly enough, Keynesian Economic Theory today is much more likely to be used by Democrats. And even if one says that social welfare isn’t corporate welfare and thus, nothing similar, they’d be wrong. When we give money in food stamps, people buy food, and those selling the food, the corporations get that money in the very next transaction, what’s the difference between that and corporate welfare or farm subsidies in the overall scheme of things.

Why Buy “Made In USA” Products?

“Buy local”, “Made in USA”, and other terms are used on a daily basis by American companies targeting American consumers. What is the point of purchasing goods and services that are made in the USA or from locally owned businesses? When you buy American you are helping provide more benefits to your local community and businesses. Let us explain.

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