How we are fighting Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate

Rising Oil Price a Boon for the US Economy

According to the investors, the high-ceilinged oil price has come up with positive news for the U.S. economy. The price rose because of the fact that the private sector added almost 111,000 jobs in October 2011. The Automatic Data Processing reported that the service industries got plenty of benefits.

Surviving the Crash, or Why I Believe Hydroponics Will Be Vital

To survive the coming crash, people are going to need to be more independent and self sufficient. Hydroponics is the only viable means of food security for urban and suburban dwellers.

Mercantilism Redux

During the late 18th century, an economist named Adam Smith wrote an essay challenging the fundamental assumptions of the prevailing economic system. This system emerged during the middle ages, and has come to be known as Mercantilism.

From the Agricultural Age to the Industrial Age to the New Economic Era Age

We are in no way shape or form in a recession. Why? We are in the New Economic Era Age called the Internet. The reason jobs are going faster than you can imagine is because companies are finding that the internet is cost effective and they can move the job overseas. The internet can save companies millions of dollars. Companies are finding that they do not need their employees.They can advertise on the internet for little of no money and make massive sales.

Income Inequality: An Unseen Problem

Income inequality is major threat to economies, even though it unknown to most of us. It increases poverty in many countries, and demotes their economies and rankings that the people give them. Here are countries that have great economies that struggle with income inequality.

The Ride of Your Life – Europe Seconds That Emotion

If the market were a human being, they’d be a complete emotional wreck, seeing a whole team of psychiatrists and on a multitude of medications. In today’s market, confusion is the order of the day to say the least.

Renewing Limited Government: Limit Unions

We can, and must, limit the runaway growth of corrupt labor unions in America. Workers should have the choice to organize, but not be forced to be bled by high dues and high taxes which go to ruin the very companies that employ them. Keep the unions… but limit them to the good and noble function for which they’re intended…

Earnings and Cycles Spell Stock Market Rally

Things are finally in our favor. Recent stock market action mixed with rich American history and sprinkled with a big dose of disbelief is setting the stage for a 4th quarter relief rally.

Recession 2011 Versus Recession 2012

Governments all around the world tried to rid of Recession 2011. They failed. Recession 2012 is going to be more horrendous. You should take measures to stay away from evils of recession.

President’s HARP May Hit The Right Note

Searching for a way to boost the economy without help from Congress, President Obama hits on a housing plan that might actually work. The president announced Monday that his administration will help homeowners refinance if they are making their mortgage payments on time, even if they have little or no equity in their properties because of the sagging housing market.

When Will the Economy Get Better – You Need to Know

In the jargon and political positioning we see at every debate it seems even the most basic of question goes unanswered. When will the economy get better? We need to know. In this article we will explore all the complexities of this question.

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