I Became Transgender. Here’s Why I Regret It.

The Great Commodity Crash

After four nationalized TV debates the cast of Republican contenders continue to show a resolute in self embellishment on how they and they alone are the next great savior of our nation. But, it was in this latest show of showmanship by all that underscored the embodiment of failing to grasp just how fragile our economy really is. An economy that is so fragile it is right on the verge of falling into an abyss where there is no return.

The Peril Of Big Dreams In Africa’s Largest Economy

Beyond the shores of Africa when the average person thinks of entrepreneurship, investment and management behemoths – arguably, names like Jeff Bezos, Richards Branson, Steve Jobs and even the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson will come to the mind of the average Jo. These names – over time, have come to be associated with stories that originally spawn from big dreams. Dreams that may one day well become myth to generations yet unborn. But to us, the witnesses of posterity, we are like insects caught in the amber of the events of our time. Track these events and you will find an origin story of a spark of genius that grew so bright and hot that little suns soon were birth and with them came galaxies. Those galaxies soon had smaller but not lesser stars who seem to trail in the wake of the suns they revolve around. In simple words, a lot of witnesses of our generation have come to aspire to be like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs just to mention a few. A lot will try but not all possess that spark required to carry them all the way; for those who come close, theirs will be to become the little stars that stand apart from the pack.

Turkey: A Rising Economic Power

The Middle East is sometimes viewed as an economic failure story. But at the Western fringe of that region, a new global economic powerhouse is rising – Turkey, the transcontinental country positioned strategically between Asia and Europe. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of USD786 billion for 2014, the nation opens its doors to investment across multiple sectors. Will Turkey continue to be a safe haven for investment and can it be a springboard into Europe and the Middle East?

Even As Wages Rise, Do We Still Need To Make Side Money?

For most people who continue to work long and hard to earn a living for a salary, it can get to a point that if they see more money in their paychecks from a higher wage, that it would no longer make a difference to them. This is because most people already have their everyday expenses figured out, and already know what they will have left over without thinking about it. From this thought, it would still be at a point that most people would have to learn how to earn side money.

No Guarantee

In solitude I hunger for the days of long ago. Where a gentle summer breeze carries me away to a world much different than now. A world filled with peace and tranquility though unrecognizable today.

Iran Stuck in Poverty and Unemployment

The warning of regime officials, including the four ministers’ letter to Rouhani, are stating the economic disaster that this regime has trapped in. This is the result of a coarse and non-scientific policy that is far from what Iran’s society is in need of.

Deception And Desperate Measures

Today, there are very few people who truly understand the gravity of how serious the global economy really is. The dangers lurking behind cloaks of deception by the media and the power elite remain hidden from the general public. For millions the world over remain transfixed in hopeless desperation.

Sharing The Wealth of The Land

People who share some of the wealth and riches with which they are blessed are doing an admirable thing. There are so many people who need help in the world.

What Holiday Cheer

As another winter fast approaches where chestnuts should be roasting in an open fire but, for many an open fire are the flames coming from countless trash cans where homeless multitudes gather around just to keep warm. For far too many it is the harshness of winter that brings little joy. Homelessness, hunger and woe the numbers continue to grow.

Shoplifting Attempt Gone Wrong, Because Of No Extra Money

Ever tried to steal merchandise, but it did not go according to plan? Some of us go through tough times, because we simply don’t have the extra money to get what we need, so our minds can tell some of us to do something that we normally would not do. Read on to understand what happens when someone does not know how to get extra money from anywhere…

History of the Occupy Movement

The protesters are left-leaning liberals and Communists. Most have supported Obama while some say they are Republicans. There a lot of retirees, labour unionists, and students in the Occupy Movement that want to transform the system. The movement began in Spain and went around the world. This was known as lndignados and was spearheaded by adjusters who funded it and wanted an occupation of Wall Street.

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