I’m going to be fired if I don’t get vaccinated

Undressing The Chinese Economy

The Conference Board forecasts a much sharper Chinese slowdown than other economists expect. Even this may be too optimistic.

HP to Split Into Two Companies

On the morning of October 6, 2014, Hewlett Packard announced plans to split into two separate companies. The announcement confirmed reports previously appearing on the Wall Street Journal, Techspot and other publications. Under the plan, the iconic information technology firm will separate the corporate hardware and services operations from the computer and printer businesses to create two publicly traded companies. The Palo Alto, C.A. based firm expects to complete the process by October 2015.

Reality Hits Home For Bernanke

Bernanke promised Dodd-Frank would level banking’s playing field. He was right: Now nobody wants to take any risk.

Turning a Public Time Clock and Art Display Into a Payday!

When jobs say no, find a way to make time count… in dollars that is! If the job market close the door in your face, then its time to create a job for yourself. A man in New York City did just that by sharing information with pedestrians walking around Washington Square Park admiring a public art display.

Coming Up Empty In Education Reform

The recent forays into public education reform from the No Child Left Behind Act, the Core Curriculum mandate, and standardize tests have all placed public education on notice that once again our policy decision makers have continued their assault on education. All they have done has resulted in a educational system that continues to fail our youth. From the mainstream Republican stance of what they have done in issuing these mandates they literally shoved down the public’s throats misguided attempts at education reform.

Money Masters, The Rothschild Connection

Through-out the ages we can categorize why man continues to wage war. History is filled with internal struggles of man’s conquest over one another and they all have been waged for just two main reasons. With the United States engaged in yet another major conflict in the Mid-East is another instance where military action ensues because of political and economic issues that are supposedly of paramount importance to the economy of the United States.

Money Supply in Economy

The money supply statistics are important indicators of economic changes, such as inflation, general price levels, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, and the likely turn in business cycles. Therefore, they are often employed by market watchers to predict the investment and general business environment in a country.

Raising The Federal Minimum Wage – Is It a Good Thing?

Undoubtedly you’ve all heard why it’s a good idea to raise the minimum wage in America, and if you work in a minimum wage job you probably support the proposed increase wholeheartedly. You probably also don’t understand why there’s so much resistance from conservatives across the country either.

The Prophecy

They say all good things must end, Autumn leaves must fall and in an age of uncertainty that phrase holds a lot of truths. Unbeknownst to millions of Americans lies in wait a monumental sociological and economic upheaval the likes of which many younger generations have only read about in their history books. The start of this great downward spiral for the worlds most dominate economy really began in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into being.

Do We Need An Income Tax?

It’s a legitimate question, “Do we need an income tax?” Here’s a legitimate answer: No.

Post-Market Crash: A Thriving World

Data is malleable, and I think we will have a 500+% return on stocks… after the crash in 2014. Read more…

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