Is America Becoming Like China?

Will We Ever Achieve Financial Stability?

For the first time in four years, the United States Senate, controlled by the Democrats, has passed a federal budget but the House of Representatives dominated by Republicans will never approve it. This continued dysfunctionalism between the two houses is causing hardship and grief to hundreds of thousands of civilian government employees and putting tremendous pressure on the Federal Reserve System to keep our economy growing.

Bringing Skilled Workers to Australia

Unemployment affects the economy as it results into fewer taxpayers, decreased spending power and additional costs for the government. It is debatable if unemployment can be created by bringing skilled workers to Australia.

Is Free-Market Capitalism Unethical?

Dangerous cracks had been spotted in the walls of the Rana Plaza building – a factory complex in Bangladesh – but the staff had been ordered to continue working, making clothes for lucrative export to the West. Now over 900 people are dead in the ruins of the building which has collapsed. Given this tragedy, we might wonder whether unregulated free-market capitalism is a good thing. How can its advocates be correct when they say that the profit motive, property rights, divisions of labour, and competition, actually lead to prosperity for all? Is it really the case that market regulation reduces the entrepreneurial spirit?

What Does the “Chained CPI” Social Security Adjustment Really Mean to Seniors

This article reviews the implications and rationale behind the proposed “Chained CPI” inflation adjustment for Social Security. It makes several conclusions: 1) the long-term impact of this seemingly small change could be substantial for the average Social Security recipient, 2) the combination of smaller Social Security inflation increases and its impact on income tax bracket indexing could cause a double whammy for seniors who could see lower benefits and be forced to pay higher taxes, and 3) the logic behind the chained CPI is flawed in a way that could cause significant financial hardship for retirees.

The Failure Of Economic Development In Jamaica

The article examines Jamaica’s withdrawal from the West Indies federation and the pursuit of industrialization and neglect of agriculture after independence as fundamental mistakes of policy. It proposes that priority be the given to the development of agriculture as the path to future economic growth and development.

Almost 50 Million People Receive Food Stamps Today Compared To 17 Million in 2000

There is nothing wrong with people using federal food stamps to assist them through a temporary, short-term crisis. In this country today, however, there are even generations of voters who live on food stamps as well as other welfare plans. The primary objective of this program really should be to help a greater proportion of people to attain jobs and become more financially self-reliant.

The True Cost of Government

You pay more tax than you think. This study highlights all of the insidious little taxes we pay in a year, and how they all add up. Have I missed any?

R3 Economic Development Strategy – Retention, Relocation, and Recruitment

Not long ago, I was talking to an interesting gentleman who claimed to be a former aerospace executive, and these days in retirement he is working with the local economic development association. Out here in California the funding for such things has dried up, and those tasks have been left to chambers of commerce, city governments, and nonprofit organizations trying to develop tourism, new businesses, and recruit corporations into the area to hire more people. After all, jobs are a very serious issue right now, and we need those jobs for increased tax base, consumer confidence, and to help keep our economy above water.

The Economy Is Recovering – The Business Financial Newspapers Stated

Not long ago, I was reading several business newspapers and I had them stacked up. I also had a few magazines, all about business. Each one of them noted that the stock market was at an all-time high, that earnings season was looking good for major corporations, and that we would continually see new highs without a pullback in the stock market. This was long about the end of April 2013. We all know what came next (hindsight is always 20/20), but somehow folks were buying into that latest bubble, and forgetting about previous toils and troubles.

How to Save the Republican Party

I have a suggestion to save the Republican Party. Is it really worth saving with its current platforms?

Bitcoin Versus Aristotelian Intrinsic Value

The present article partially confirms Max Keiser’s contention that Bitcoin has privacy as its intrinsic value. That confirmation is only partial because there are precise limits to the circumstances in which privacy becomes an intrinsic value of Bitcoin resulting from the nature of Bitcoin itself.

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