Is Texas Becoming California 2.0?

Why Is Charity Important to Keep the Society Alive

We live in a world governed by a capitalistic system people are forced to sell their lives or a fraction of it in exchange of money, we now have in front of us a division of class and status. At one hand there are privileged people who have a central role in the cycle of the industry as they own the infrastructures and on the other hand there is the working class.

Resource Based Economy Needs Smart Grids

Those wishing for serious political change should take a look at electricity technology infrastructure. Major investments into smart meters, public energy ownership + storage, HVDC transmission cables, modernized electric grids, and a digital network to manage it all.

Winners and Losers From Oil’s Price Plummet

The price of oil has seen a slippery descent over the last six months, with Brent Crude plummeting from a June 2014 peak of $115 a barrel to $48.81 as of January 18. As an intrinsic part of modern day life, changes to ‘liquid gold’ affects everyone from global to consumer levels.

Some Overlooked Aspects Of A Mighty Dollar

Yes, a strong dollar hurts exporters. But that is just one of many impacts on the U.S. economy.

Shooting For Tax Dollars, Hitting The Treasury

The administration aimed to stop corporate inversions. Instead, it hit the Treasury and made U.S. firms a target for foreigners.

Financial Crisis in Jamaica – Scarce Foreign Exchange

The fragile Jamaican economy is heavily dependent on foreign exchange which is used to pay debts and purchase goods and services. The global recession gave Jamaica a devastating blow, which stunned the economic growth and crushed many small businesses. The country is now on the rebound and financial experts have predicted a slow and minute growth for the next fiscal year. Here are ways we can assist in earning these well-needed foreign exchange.

Growing Indonesian Economy Helping Foreign Exchange Expand Rapidly

Foreign Exchange in Indonesia has witnessed a significant development since the past few years. Providing solid bases for trading and Forex, the Indonesian economy is among’st the top flourishing countries of South East Asia. Profuse natural assets and crude oils make Indonesia as one of the top choices for the first world countries like the UK and the United States.

Current Comment: Reforming the Bankers

It is generally recognised that the recession of recent years had its origin in the bad practices of the big banks and financial institutions. A few collapsed completely and a few more were rescued by huge injections of taxpayers’ money. The public was enraged by this evidence of mismanagement and especially by the unbridled greed of the bankers reflected in their wholly disproportionate salaries and bonuses. For a while, the media echoed this public anger but it was soon deflected onto members of parliament, some of whom had been claiming excessive expenses. While nobody condones greed on whatever scale, one has to wonder why concern over the petty misdemeanours of politicians was allowed to drown the outrage directed at the mega-million criminals in the banks.

How Money Has Corrupted Mankind

This article talks about money and how it is the root of many problems in today’s society. It also looks at how our own governments are behind the problem. The end of the article talks about what each of us can do to better the situation.

The Contradiction Behind Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is the process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one. Schumpeter goes on to say that the process of creative destruction is the essential fact about capitalism. Put simply is the process of out with the old, in with the new. In many cases this is seen has beneficial for an economy. However, creative destruction is a contradiction in and of itself and can often lead to turmoil of the businesses and people effected by it.

Productivity, Participation, and Distribution Aligned

A long standing challenge for the US economy is the 40 year stagnation in incomes for the middle class and those working to get into the middle class.Is it due to low productivity, low participation in the national production, and unequal distribution of income?

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