Is the NBA Run by China?

Current Inflation

Inflation is the rate refers to the increase in prices of goods or products. The current inflation rate around the world dating April 2009, were low when a worldwide recession hit the highest point in 2008, September. Recession occurs when a state or a certain institution’s economic activity has begun to slow down which results to the fall of the inflation rate of businesses or producers.

How the Recent Recession Has Become the Top Current Economic Indicator

When it comes to economics and finances in general; a recession is almost immediately considered bad news. But what exactly is recession in its purest and truest essence? Well, technically speaking, it is a kind of contraction in terms of business cycles.

Socialism In The End Zone

Late January in the United States: the season of the State of The Union presidential address, and the run-up to the Super Bowl. As the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers prepare to face each other about a week from now (and as the media bombard us with every exciting detail of that preparation), it might be helpful to remember that American politics is a lot like American football. Two sides battle back and forth in both games, and it’s amusing to watch….

Are 2010 and 2011 Economic Conditions Justification for Egyptian Regime Change?

There are all sorts of reasons why populations rise up against their leadership, and the grievances range far and wide; at least that’s what history teaches us. In knowing this history should we have been surprised at the protests, marches, demonstration, and riots in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and in various other hot spots throughout the Middle East in the Winter of 2011? After all, what set off the spark?

2011 Egypt Economic Conditions – Before and After the Protest Mobs

Not long ago, an acquaintance from London wished to debate with me on the topic of the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt, and at first I thought, well okay, let’s talk, but then I realized that there have always been uprisings in that part of the world, and the folks there seem to love to march in the streets and carry on. Why would this time be different and why are the people so angry? Well, he started off by explaining; “At the heart of the uprising in first Tunisia and then Egypt was basic economics.

Impact of Global Economy Is Inevitable

When I used to play basketball, I always wanted to arrive when the games started. It was when everyone was fresh. If you sat out a few games, you took the sidelines or just waited to form another team to return to the game. Things moved with or without you. The goal was not to lose, and if you did lose, you tried to play well enough so you didn’t get sidelined.

Possibility Of Economic Cooperation Between India And China

It was estimated by the manager of the Citigroup that India’s economy will overtake that of China in the year 2010. Now according to the official financial status this forecast has become a fact. Many experts have presented that all these forecast is originated from the structural differences between Indian Economy and the China’s Economy.

Paying People Not To Work

To economists and the business-savvy elements of the public, the recent recession is history. But some who lost their jobs more than a year ago are still sitting at home – and getting paid to do so. In 25 states workers are able to collect unemployment benefits for 99 weeks, thanks to emergency measures enacted by Washington after the widespread layoffs and job losses in 2008 and 2009.

The World in 2050

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is an international accountancy and management consultancy that has published a series of reports about how the world might look, economically, in 2050. They make interesting reading. The world has a bright future but only if it avoids economic catastrophe brought on by climate change.

Are We Out of the Recession Yet?

A recession, by definition, is a period of time in which there is a considerable decline in the economy that is spread across the country which can be limited depending on the circumstances. A rule of thumb for defining a recession would be when the gross domestic product (GDP) falls for at least two consecutive quarters.

How to Effectively Deal With Rising Food Cost

The costs of all the food materials are considerably increasing at the rate of 4.5 percentages in one year. It is a very difficult task to find the correct solution for the rising food cost.

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