Is the Search for Brian Laundrie Finally Over? Remains Found in Florida

What the Long Term Unemployed Found Out About the Sequester

This past Sunday was the five-year anniversary date of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program that was put into place by President Bush. This program helped to add 13 weeks to the initial benefits of 26 weeks. This was meant to be a temporary intervention, but as job loss increased, across the country, Congress voted to keep the compensation program and extended the time that workers could remain on benefits. In some states, workers were able to receive as many as 99 weeks of benefits.

So Much Is Yet to Be Cleared on the Economic Front

If you are to believe the Fed, you surely see that things are improving in the economy. If you are like the rest of us, who do not see such a bright picture, you know that there is much left to be done to fix the mess that we are in. The real story is that there are still around 12 million of us who are unemployed. This includes 4 million, who have been unemployed for over six months.

The Parenthood Career

Parenthood is the most important career a person can have from that person’s and our society’s points of view. To ensure that children have competent parents, parenthood must be recognized as a developmental stage that follows adolescence and as an essential complement to childhood. Struggling parents also need access to effective collaborative systems of care.

The Denigration of Parenthood in the United States

In the United States, work is defined in our capitalistic economy as a paid activity. Unpaid activities like childrearing are not regarded as work. This obscures the fact that childrearing has immense financial value. In the long run, parenthood is more important to our society than paid vocations. Although not recognized as such, parenthood is the career that benefits everyone and is the foundation of our society.

Indian Economy at an Inflection Point

Indian economy witnessed a slowdown in growth in 2012-13, in line with the global economy. However, its rate of growth still remains relatively higher than the western nations, supported by its better domestic demand. The twin deficits – fiscal deficit and current account deficit – together with high inflation have posed the problems on both monetary policy and fiscal policy front limiting the ability of the government to support GDP growth.

Employ STEM Triple Pendulum to Help Animate World, Technically Educate America, Solve Job-Debt Woes

Employ a fun, STEM, triple pendulum to help animate the world, better technically educate America, and solve job and debt problems. Experience eneracting objects transferring energy into action push and pull on one another to move, flex, and sense per laws of nature. Employ STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, to solve a motion mystery, explain observed behavior, and better understand physical realities.

Rational Self-Interest and Psychology in Economics

Rational self-interest is seen in classical economics as basis of people’s economic decisions. Instead many economic decisions are based on psychology.

The Surprising Truth How Our Economy Can Thrive and Function Successfully

The bottom line here is; better human relationship = more happiness/ less stress. There is no exception to this rule no matter who you are or what station you have in life.

Could This Be the Truth Behind Global Economic Collapse?

Have you noticed how unstable world economies have become over past years? But how did this all start? This article offers an idea behind the current trend of economic problem after problem and the finger seems to be firmly pointed at currency.

The Employment Worries

As the economic slowdown advances 4 million youths joined the bandwagon of unemployed on the global front, which originally was 193 million at the beginning of 2012 keeping the developed economies as the epicenter of the crisis. The 25% of the unemployed youths are from developing countries whereas; East Asian, South Asian and Sub Saharan African youth constitute 75% of the unemployed regime.

What Is Self Sustainable Living and Why We Need It

Defining and clarifying self sustainable living. Most people love the concept of self sustainable living but don’t know how to apply it. This article will explain what self sustainable living is and how to implement it within your personal lives and neighborhoods.

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