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Cost of Living in Argentina

Living costs in Argentina compare favorably to those of other South American countries and also those in Central America. Even though the country itself may have a slightly better reputation than the likes of Mexico, Colombia and even Panama, many people may be surprised to learn of the relatively low cost of living in the country.

Dealing With Fake Currency

Reported by some, there might be as much as 40 million fake UK pound coins in circulation, meaning that out of 36 coins, one is on average fake. People may believe that it is easy to spot a fake, but it is not always the case. Hence so many of the fake coins, and also notes, are in wide spread use.

Spanish Economic Update – Rising Or Falling? August 2010

Some commentators are predicting a small upturn in the Spanish economy with business confidence rising for the fifth consecutive month. Spain is one of the last countries to stop falling during the recession and the last to begin recovery.

Michelle Obama’s Visit to Spain – Good News For Spain’s Economy

Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha will spend some of their holidays in Costa del Sol’s world famous Marbella. According to “Oak Power Comunicacion”, the company that has conducted the analysis, Obama’s wife and daughter visit to Spain will be covered by 660 televisions, 2500 newspapers, 2100 internet media, 900 radios, and 1950 magazines.

Canada’s Economic Recovery Slowing

A recent economic retake of the predicted recession recovery for Canada shows the country is not improving as fast as hoped. As a matter of fact, it’s been stated that Canada is slowing much quicker than previously anticipated. However, the Bank of Canada is confident Canada will not slip into a second recession.

Impact of Deflation on Japan

The Japanese economy has experienced extraordinary economic conditions since the asset bubble of the late 1980s. Deflation and a mix of low unemployment and sliding GDP per capita have led to a very unique economic situation within the small nation.

When Did the Recession Start and What Caused It?

While we continue to endure the greatest economic crisis the world has ever seen many are still left wondering: when did the recession start? To explain the complete history of the mechanisms leading up to this economic recession would take much more time than either of us have here today.

The Global Economic and the Financial Crisis

The first signs of this economic and the financial crisis started to appear in the late 1990’s and at the beginning of new millennium. The companies were not able to sense the threat and continued to shift their businesses online and selling items through credit cards. E-commerce did bring positive things but like anything else, brought its drawbacks with it.

The Depression of 2010

Government officials steadfastly avoid using the word “depression” as it is considered political poison, but make no mistake, we are in the midst of a great depression the likes of which we haven’t seen in about 70 years. The fact is our economy is incredibly fragile. As of this writing, the rate of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has dropped from 5.

Towards a GloCal Engineering

In this contemporary time, the most dynamic and evolving area is engineering. Such an observation may seem at first to be a mere truism but closer considerations of its impacts in medicine, entertainment, energy and surgery will rapidly dispel any such dismissive judgment. Yet, engineering must be global and adaptable to local needs- we need gloCal engineering for the future.

Who Advises the Financial Advisors? A Fearful, Yet Speculative, Market

Have you ever wondered who advises the financial advisor? Here are the latest thoughts from one of my “Gurus”.

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