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Is There a Possible Recession Backlash Coming?

While it is impossible to fully know the financial prospect for the time to come, today the future is looking a little brighter than only a couple of months ago. Although a few folks (experts-lol) may believe the recession has ceased and the recuperation has started, this is plainly not true, as 4.2 million people are still without jobs and collecting unemployment benefits and many more demanding it.

Factors That Raise Unemployment Rates

When you’ve lost your job, academic discussions of the unemployment rate and economic trends may have little appeal. You just want to get back to work! But an understanding of the larger forces at work may help you to plan your future.

Beyond American Dollar – What China Wants

Guns, swords and human braveries ruled the world for centuries. The old world was lead by weapons and the most powerful nations were the ones with the most sophisticated military. But in our time, that is changing. Yes, arsenals matter, but for the relative peace of the modern world, what rules the world is the economics.

21st Century Global Financial System of Market Economy

In the 21st Century currently existing Global Financial System lead by US and other Most Developed Nations (incl. China) and managed by the Parish Club, WTO, IMF and the World Bank must change their approaches to apprehend the most recent developments of chronically becoming indebted World, in which except for a very few countries and market as China and India, most of the rest Most Developed Economies as US and GB, Developing Countries as Spain, Portugal and Greece, and Undeveloped Countries as Bulgaria, Rumania and many South American Countries, Asian and African Countries are greatly indebted or very underdeveloped. A Central Banking System is needed to control the global “demand-to-supply” balance by being able to issue capital, instead of the current global financial system which performs more as a “lender”.

Small Changes in Buying Habits Help the Economy

Making a small change in our buying habits can and will help the American economy. The recession is continuing to take a very heavy toll on American businesses and this in turn means fewer jobs.

Financial Freedom For Fewer Canadians

Due to the recession, freedom 65 may never get here. It seems for most people, even freedom 85 is not as probable as once expected. According to the Royal Bank of Canada, it seems 32% of Canadians have not even begun to save for retirement yet, according to a recent RBC poll.

Canadians Are Working More

Statistics Canada has released its January 2010 report of payroll employees. It has found that the total hours of a payroll employee increased in January by 0.3%, while non-farm payroll employment remained the same. The timely increase was mostly in transportation and warehousing, health care, construction, mining, quarrying, oil and gas extraction sector and finance.

Will the Dollar Rebound in 2010?

Admittedly, the general perspective is that the US dollar was the “whipping boy” of the Forex Market in 2009. However, as we take a closer look, we notice that the US dollar actually strengthened against some currencies.

The Current State of the Texas Economy

The Lone Star state still seems to be weathering the “recovery” better than other states. This article examines the Texas economy.

Philosophy of a Governing Economy

In contrast to the US economic policies China uses much more decisively economic tools when a situation arises. In many cases when either Global economic crises was on its ways as it happen in 2008-2009 or now when Chinese economy shows overheating the Chinese government does not hesitate to act and to act promptly and decisively.

What is a Budget Deficit?

2010 is the year of the budget deficit, in Europe, the USA and other recession hit countries around the world. But what actually is a budget deficit?

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