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2012: An Economic Outlook

No economist claims to being right all the time, but if you can be on the money over half of the time then you are doing remarkably well. Bearing in mind that predicting global economic movement is like predicting the weather using your intuition, here are some predictions for 2012, organised into four broad categories.

The Unholy Trinity for Pensioners and Their Money – It’s Time to Find Another Way

High inflation, low interest rates and now the so-called granny tax have all conspired over the last few years to make retirement a financial misery for many pensioners. But their plight has been highlighted at last in a report issued this week by the Treasury Select Committee.

Why Inflation Is Eroding Your Savings

The basic principle behind inflation is that as the money supply increases, so too does the relative price of goods and services. A common sentiment for children to hold is “why can’t we all be millionaires, then there would be no poor people”, or something to that effect. The answer is inflation. In theory we could all be millionaires, but this would drive up the price of consumer goods to reflect the increase in money supply, essentially balancing out society’s new found wealth.

All That Glitters Is Gold – Physical Assets and Inflation

Once upon a time the amount of currency any particular nation could produce was directly tied to its reserves of gold and other precious metals. This restricted any further production of paper money until there was an equal rise in stocks of precious metals. What this did was preserve the inherent value of money, as at any point it could be exchanged for an equal amount of gold. A unit of currency was not simply an arbitrary figure; it represented the quantity of gold that could be bought for that price.

Saving Money Tips – Ideas That Pay Off

Anyone on a budget can benefit using money saving tips. With the uncertain political and economic climate, it pays to turn over a few stones.

Some Good News About the Economy

There has been a trend for many governments around the world to augment national budgetary resources by incurring debt. This debt is raised through deficit budgets supplemented by quantitative easing, bond sales etc. This had led gradually to an accumulation of vast national debts. Some persons worry that this is borrowing from the future and that this practice will eventually compromise the future of their grandchildren and future generations. However they need not worry. There is good emerging good news on this front.

AI Computers – Not Too Good At Discussing Economic Philosophy

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to discuss economic philosophy with something that was less-than-human. Now you might think that this is a negative, but I assure you it isn’t. Nevertheless, when I say less-than-human I am not attempting to degrade the artificial intelligent software running the computer system, rather I am quite intrigued with the process you see.

Getting Banks Back Into Banking

The economy suffers when banks concentrate on collecting fees rather than deposits. And on making trades rather than loans.

Making Food Storage A Priority During Unstable Economic Times

This article discusses the need for having a long-term food supply as part of an emergency preparedness plan during uncertain economic times. No more than ever, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Inflation – Its Effects Created Upon A Society

Defining inflation is the slow and on-going price increase of commodities, goods and services observed over a long period of time that reflects rising annual costs for manufactures and consumers. Inflation can be created using two different scenarios. On one hand we can use the quality theory of inflation to determine how inflation is created. On the other hand we can use the quantity theory of inflation to explain it.

What Business Owes to Science

For a long time, there was a strong movement of people militating against business. There is some of that now; but there is a much larger movement of people militating against science, including many people who have business affiliations. And it is time that this movement be met head-on.

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