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What Are the Fastest Growing Economies of 2012?

The fastest growing economies 2012 is seeing are surprisingly not the ones you would expect to show up in the list. This time United States and several nations in Europe are going through challenging economic times. But some countries have soaring economies. Not all of them are rich though.

If Obamacare Is Struck Down Do You Know How To Protect Assets?

How will the supreme court’s decision on the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act affect your investments? If you’re thinking about taking a new position you better read this article before making up your mind. The implications for the law being overturned are discussed and we explore the downside risk to assets.

10 Industries Less Likely Affected By Recession

There are business sectors that do quite well during the good times, like tourism, fine dining, and casinos. But many of these thriving industries fail to perform well during the hard times. On the other hand, these are the top ten most resilient industries.

How Economic Factors Affect Consumer Behavior

No matter what your product or service is, you need customers and the more the better. Yet I wonder how many business owners realise how much impact the economy has on your consumers behaviour. The current economic factors affect consumer behaviour more than your advertising will. Find out how the economy affects your customers.

Austrian Economics Vs Keynesian Economics

What are the differences between Austrian economics and Keynesian economics? This article attempts to clarify.

The High Cost of a Cheap Breakfast

A few days ago I saw a sign advertising a 49 cent breakfast biscuit special at a local fast food slop hole. On face value, it seems like a pretty good deal. That is until you start adding up the reality of what it really was going to cost you.

Who’s Afraid Of The Fiscal Cliff?

Don’t worry about that fiscal cliff. It hardly matters, because we are already in such a deep hole.

Did You Hear That THUD?

That was the Federal Reserve absolute nothing of a statement. Actually if we pay close attention the news is worse than we thought. The Fed extended the zero interest rate policy to 2014 from 2013, lowered its growth forecast, and increased its unemployment rate expectations.

What Is Causing the Euro Crisis: A Financial Mess, Cultural Diversity or Globalization?

Insights into the Euro crisis – three major causes are explored: financial factors, cultural divergences and globalization. They all concur to create the unfolding drama of the on-going recession in Europe and the possibility of a Euro collapse.

An Intellectual Adventure

The raging debates between Hayekian and Keynesian schools seem to do little to ease the plight of the millions of Americans who find themselves at the wrong side of the equation every time the economy takes a downturn. Philosophical jargon and complex economic models do not seem to inspire trust, or public interest, as the number of Google searches reveals.

What Do You Mean by Economics?

Economics is a term that is very readily used almost every day in the Business World, but what does it actually mean? Delve further into the world of Economics, and see what you think about this bespoke view on Economics and its meaning.

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