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Global Economic Issues – Learn the Pros and Cons of Having a Global Economy

Globalization – In order to gain a deeper understanding of the global economic issues leading to the current global recession we have to look at the history, the things that work, and the things that have harmed the world’s economy as a whole. Because of the downfalls of a global economy based on capitalism, there are entire activist movements working hard to stem the tide of third world countries being consumed by this global economy. Keep reading and I’ll explain some of the basics.

Building a Successful Bond Market

News recently in from the UAE is that the Central Bank is actively lobbying for the establishment of a bond market in the United Arab Emirates. A domestic bond market is an effective mechanism for raising funding and, for that reason, it can be a positive addition to the financial landscape in any country. However, the success of a bond market depends on the correct institutions and regulatory structures being in place right from the start.

New Orleans – Five Years After Katrina

For decades, residents of the City That Care Forgot languished in impoverished communities with failing schools and high crime rates. All the while, people enjoyed a leisurely life in the Big Easy. In August 2005, Mother Nature attempted to destroy both. Now, only one of these cities can survive.

We Really Do Not Need Another Shot of Stimulus in Our Fruit Punch – Let Me Explain

It is amazing to me that we keep rewarding people for being unemployed, that we keep paying people for not working, and that through our political correctness we keep rewarding weakness. It seems we have an administration that has the American taxpayer’s checkbook in their hands, and they are willing to spend it every time there is a fire to put out. This isn’t working.

Some Offerings of IG Markets Vs City Index

As the business of CFD trading is subject to a country’s laws, it is thus not available in all nations as yet. IG Markets is one of the recognized market leaders in trading CFD. It worldwide presence reaches into most continents, with majority of its organizations in the European region.

Why Are Low Levels of New Home Construction a Big Deal?

The Commerce Department just released reports that new home construction fell to an 8-month low in June. New construction has decreased by 5 percent and now stands at the lowest level since October of 2009. The sector contraction was caused by a decrease of.7 percent in the construction of single-family homes as well as a 20 percent drop in condominium and apartment construction. Industry insiders expect the industry to stay fairly level until foreclosure rates subside.

Banks Stripped of Overdraft Penalties – New Debit Card Services Offer Protection

The time has come for banks to put away their overdraft guns and start giving debit card customers options for their occasional overdrawing mistakes. Beginning Sunday, banks and credit unions will no longer be able to charge overdraft fees.

The Recession Returning?

Economic indicators are still pointing toward the resurgence of the great recession. Some said we were never out of a recession in the first place, though many who believed we were are now accepting that we may be headed back in that direction.

With All Due Respect Former FED Chairman Greenspan is Incorrect on Unemployment Numbers

The other day the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was being interviewed. He stated in that interview that unemployment will stay the same throughout 2010, perhaps through much of 2011, and does not see anything we can do about that or anything on the horizon which points to lower unemployment. Now then, I disagree, and I know I’m right so let me explain why.

Have You Ever Considered What Would Happen If Everyone Worked Union – Why Not?

It seems that the unions want to sign up all the workers in all the industries to work union, but if everyone worked union can you even imagine what would happen? We would have rapid inflation, and we would eventually get to “an equilibrium” and you would be just the same as if everyone was poor. Some people believe that socialism is when everyone is wealthy, but the reality is in socialism everyone is poor except for the few corrupt at the top.

Worse News is Even Better

The news keeps getting worse, and the market couldn’t care less. It appears that bad news is good news and worse news is even better.

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