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Deficit Dropped to 4.1% of GDP in 2013

Further good news for the country is the October jobs report with total non-farm payroll employment rising by 204,000. The 204,000 new jobs for October brought the average job growth over the past 12 months up to 190,000 per month.

Towards a New Civilization

An article of musings about a near-idyllic future civilization. Includes ideas about automation and ecological living.

Opportunity Cost Of India’s Mars Mission

India has been a victim of several menaces such as child under nutrition, malnutrition, child labor, infant mortality, maternal mortality, improper social security, rural infrastructural deficiencies. The mars mission is being assumed as a feather in its cap. But already India’s scientific community’s talents are known world wide!. For instance, most of the expatriate IT workers in the U.S.A. are from India.

Controversial Outsourcing

Many businesses and corporations are using outsourcing as a way to provide services and products at a less expensive cost. There are many advantages to outsourcing but this may also cause serious problems to our economy. This paper will provide detail about the effects outsourcing jobs to foreign countries has on the economy, other countries, and American workers.

Is ObamaCare a Slow Step-By-Step Assimilation Plan Like the Eurozone?

Not long ago, I was reading through “Financial Turmoil – In Europe and the United States,” by George Soros, it is a collection of many of his editorial pieces on economic philosophy and his concepts of what should have been done or what to do, basically in real-time dates during and after the 2008 US Economic Crash and then the following crisis in the Eurozone. In one of his articles he duly noted the mistakes made by the EU formation.

What Does Financial Security Mean to You and Where Has It Gone for Most Americans?

Most of us know that we went from having budget surpluses, as far as the eye could see, under the Clinton administration to having the largest deficits in the history of our country. We have been given many reasons for the economic free fall we’ve experienced, but how do we know which reason is true and which is false?

More Regulatory Shakedown and Extortion – Some Believe So

When Elliot Spitzer was a prosecutor and attorneys general in New York, he was criticized at the time for using extortion type techniques to shake down corporate America. After he became governor and then fell from grace due to his extra-curricular activities more and more of what transpired came out. He and his legal team had purposely gone after some of the biggest names on Wall Street, often on a fishing expeditions, threatening to widen investigations unless they settled and acquiesced to his demands, admonishments, and heavy multimillion dollar fines.

The Economics of Illegal Immigration From Mexico to the USA

Most people realize that a lot of the illegal immigration debate is about jobs. Folks in the US don’t want to see their jobs being taken by undocumented workers. Of course, right now with the economy not so great many of those who’d previously come to the US have now gone back to Mexico, where the unemployment is in some regions under 4.5%. But what happens when that turns the other way, what happens when Mexico’s economy turns South for a while? The reason I ask is that it is happening now.

What To Do With An Economics Degree

Economics deals with the production and distribution of wealth, goods, and other services. Many students who obtain a degree in economics find jobs as economist, while others pursue similar careers in other relevant fields in business, academia, private sectors, and government. Students who wish to pursue a degree in economics will study topics such as forecasting, macroeconomics, global and emerging markets, economic development, microeconomics, economic reporting and analysis, managerial economics, and calculus.

A Tale Of Too Indebted Cities

The other day I was in Pasadena California at a Starbucks. If you don’t know where Pasadena is – it is home to JPL – Jet Propulsion Laboratories, Cal Tech, The Rose Parade, and the place where John Kerry said; “You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq,” while at the City College in Pasadena. Yes, this is the wonderful city where Mr. Kerry suggested that smart people do not serve our country in the Military.

Cost Push and Demand Pull Inflation

Indian economy has been facing the menace of very high consumer price index for the past several years. Some economists assume that high inflation is good for the economy. Huge amounts are released for the economic development which leads to high money supply and leads to demand pull inflation.

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