Jussie Smollett: There was no hoax.

Student Loans Are the Next (Intellectual) Property Debacle

Higher education is, and has been for some time, a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) conspiracy! We need a federal investigation because student loan monies constitute a repeat of what the mortgage crisis was and still is. Instead of having real property mortgages, students were and are being manipulated into going into student loan slavery debt for the false intellectual “property” of a worthless college degree!

Inflation and Debasement, Cause and Effect

In 1928 the cost of one stamp was one penny, the labor for a vehicle tune-up was one dollar, and labor charge to overhaul an engine and transmission was about $25. These facts reinforce the case for the dollar debasement that Austrian School economists have been making for decades. Read this article to learn how currency debasement is a consequence of monetary inflation.

The Fed’s Sunshine Is Blinding Me

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke believes government functions best in sunshine, when decision-making is transparent and predictable. I usually applaud this philosophy. The Fed’s long-term policy promises are, paradoxically, making it harder to see what really lies ahead.

The US School System: Why The Curriculum Must Be Relevant to Today – Part 2

We live in a world today, where change happens rapidly. There has been changes in a lot of industries, yet the US school system’ s teachings are archaic.

What Can Wall Street Learn From the Tech Industry’s Job Stability?

According to MSNBC’s The Bottom Line, those who work in the technology sector had a good year in 2011. Most notably, they were (apparently) much less likely to lose their job. Just three years ago, tech companies announced that they would eliminate more than 174,000 jobs in 2009 – the industry’s peak number, The Bottom Line said.

Sure We’ll Keep The Factory Here, But We Have to Ditch All the Workers in That Case

It was interesting to listen to President Obama during his state of the union speech, which I call the state of the onion speech, where he talked about the corporate off-shoring of jobs in manufacturing, and how he wished to prevent that from happening. The unions love his ideas, because it means more jobs for Americans, but it also means global protectionism, which will highly affect our exports as well. That means whereas we put tariffs on for incoming products, other countries will put tariffs on everything that we shipped out.

How To Solve The Homeless Situation

If you have gone to the supermarket lately, or if you have filled your car with gas or have paid your utilities bill then you know that although the US government won’t admit it, we are in an inflationary environment. And now many landlords are increasing the rent that they charge their tenants in order to offset their growing expenses.

Progressivism Isn’t Progress, VIII

It sounds like “progress,” but that’s only one example of how they deftly make one thing look (or sound) like another in order to produce the desired emotional effect. Everyone likes progress! But few people realize that progressivism is about as far from progress as tyranny is from liberty…

How Secure Is Your “Secure” Job?

Intrigued by what motivates people to join the ranks of the self-employed, I interviewed a friend on the topic. “You have to give up your false sense of security,” she answered when I asked how she’d found the courage to leave a stable career and become a successful entrepreneur as a single mom raising several children on her own.

How To Compete With China

China’s rising presence as the world’s largest economy has many Americans concerned that the United States may soon become second best. Would slashing taxes and the government’s budget actually make the U.S. more competitive?

Would Einstein Think Us Insane?

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity was “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Are we trying to fix the U.S. economy by doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result? Stimulus after stimulus hasn’t worked. Perhaps it’s time to try something else.

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