Kenosha Protestors React to Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Breaking News – What Can Deadly Storms Teach Us About Our True Identity?

If we think we can do it alone we are fools. The storm in the Northeast has most Americans on pins and needles. While people have no control over the weather they do have control over the thoughts of mind. We have the power to choose, what we don’t have is the power to choose the consequences of our choice. Living life on our own terms can cause us heartache and trauma. How sad is it that it takes trauma for people to turn to God for help and answers. This timing of this storm has many people questioning the Presidential Election. Is this circumstantial? The answer depends upon perception of how we view our own identity. Are we a creation of God or have we just simply evolved into the intellectuals that we claim to be?

Wall Street Reopens After Hurricane Sandy – Will This Change the Election Results?

Typically and historically speaking after a big natural disaster there is a sell-off on Wall Street. This time with Hurricane Sandy, many of the late “earnings” announcements are not going to be favorable, plus, the damage to the financial sector, insurance sector, and the disruption in supply chains and retail sales mean the following quarter will not have stellar results either. Not that the Q4 2012 results were going to be breaking any speed records anyway, but, now the stock market could take a hit. When the stock market goes down right before the election, it often changes the election results.

We Can’t Fix Our Economy Until We Deal With Unbalanced Trade With China

We are not going to fix our economic challenges in the US without first fixing our trade deficit challenges with China and other Asian nations. Whereas, the Obama Administration has attempted to provide for tit-for-tat tactics to stay in the favor of the big industry unions in the US, all that he’s done is to upset our trading partner, rather than bringing a balanced playing field.

Why Should US Citizens Settle for Obama Administration Economic Socialist Yes Men?

One thing I’ve always found interesting about economics is that the economists, even those who are PhD level professors always have different future and forward-looking projections and predictions than their fellow economic colleagues. They all have the same data to use, but they choose to interpret it differently. Might I suggest that it is not an exact science, and there are many different theories and each economists uses versions of these to propel their best guess. Might I also suggest that much of this data and the results are manipulated in order to achieve a certain predestined answer?

Obama’s Economic Plan Failures Versus the Romney Winning Strategy Discussed

Sometimes I am amazed what economists say in the media. You see, if you ask economists to predict something or their opinion, typically you get as many opinions and predictions as you had economists in your survey. Each one has their so-called facts and figures behind their reasoning. Each politician gathers up the economists that agree with them, then gets them onto the cable news networks and has these economic political operatives go to work trying to convince the masses.

The Government Helps the Economy By Providing Jobs, Right? No, Wrong

Many voters get confused over economic issues when there are political debates. This is not too surprising because we don’t really teach economics in our schools anymore. In fact, we hardly teach anyone how to balance a checkbook, so no wonder people get confused when they can hardly do math, and have trouble reading and writing. All this dumbing down of America in our schools is causing quite a challenge when it comes to our elections. If we don’t have informed and educated citizenry, then they are bound to vote for the last liar they hear on a TV commercial “and I approve this message!”

Is Scotland Better Off Outside The UK?

The recent announcement of a referendum on Scottish independence has reignited the debate about whether Scotland would be better off by its self or as part of the UK. However this is not a simple question.

When Easy Answers Won’t Do

Q: Jobs for the Future recently moved to target its work more tightly around two specific goals for accelerating advancement opportunities, one goal for young people and the other for adults. Why is accelerated advancement so important? ans: As well the research of other people about what it’s going to take for people to get ahead in this economy.

The Friday Bazaar

A view on social inequality. The back drop is a typical weekly bazaar in North India. How growing and unfulfilled aspirations lead to social tension..

The Problem With Socialist Politicians Is They Have Absolutely No Faith in Free-Markets

You know, I’ve always been disturbed by the academic socialist elite who think they can micro-manage a large economy like that of the United States, worse, their policies are hardly relevant to our economic position when you put all their theories to work in the global economy. Oh sure, they are often able to get academic accolades and even Nobel Prizes for economics, but that shouldn’t be too surprising look whose giving away the Nobel Prizes, they come from socialist countries, and actually believe that economic philosophy is the correct one. It’s not, let me explain.

Acceleration of Technological Breakthrough in Banking Industry

With ever-so-incrementing competition and fierce global expansion, the banking and financial services scenario has been swinging directionally. Today, banking and financial institutions are differentiating themselves on the basis of their broad range of techno-infused services provided. Banks are collaboratively assimilating technological advancements for becoming better service provider in the industry.

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