Larry Elder Outlines His Bold Plan To Save California

Why The US Dollar Is the Next Currency to Die

The dollar has been the World’s Reserve Currency since the 1970s when the Gold Standard was abandoned by President Nixon. Since then, the US dollar is widely accepted across the world making it the world’s leading currency. Today 43% of all cross border transactions use the US dollar. Furthermore, central bank reserves indicate that the value of the dollar is strong with 61% of these reserves being in dollars.

Capitalism, Socialism, and the Affordable Housing Market

This article discusses the inefficiencies in the housing market in the United States of America. It offers evidence of the glaring disparities between the homeless and barely-housed (millions of whom live in squalor), and the super-wealthy, who live pampered material existences beyond the wildest dreams of most average, working-class Americans.

The Economy Is in Big Trouble

The American economy is starting to crack. September’s jobs report was abysmal, while hourly wages crept lower and 350,000 people dropped out of the labor force. For the U.S. economy, at least, it seems low rates are here to stay…

How the Appreciation and Depreciation of INR Affects Us

The fall in prices of the Indian rupee has been a reason of concern over the past few years for the Indian government. Just a few years ago, India was trading 1 USD for 50 rupees; today though, it stands at Rs 66/-. Quite a sharp change to say the least!

Is Race a Factor in the Current U.S. Immigration Debate?

The immigration debate is not based on race, but on economics with 12 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. who have come for a better standard of living. People from other countries can earn more money here than where they come from. (President Bush said that he wanted a guest worker program to have illegal aliens

Corbyn’s Good Idea: Transaction Tax

The question has been asked before: why when poor people greatly outnumber the wealthy and every citizen has a vote, do electorates not put in power a government that will address the great injustice of extreme inequality? Could Jeremy Corbyn’s success be due to the fact that he has convinced many people that he is ready to take action on this fundamental issue? If so, the proposed transaction tax would appear to be a powerful means of pursuing this end, and a policy likely to attract many more votes from those many people who are tired of suffering austerity at a time when the already wealthy are continuing to swell their fortunes.

How Economic Freedom Translates To Our Personal Freedom

A free and unfettered economy from governmental regulation will result in not only economic freedom but personal freedom. Corporatism is being substituted for Capitalism in the U.S. today. Government needs to leave the markets work and not protect companies or industries from succeeding or failing. This will result in economic freedoms and personal freedoms.

Those Hard Choices

Already the summer of 2015 has been hit with the resurgence of scorching heat. Form the Southwest to the Gulf states temperatures have already reached well above 95 degrees. Those Republican Climate Change deniers about global warming have to agree it this past summer was pretty darn hot.

Updating Language – Minimum Wage Vs Living Wage

The words “Minimum Wage” must be replaced with “Living Wage.” Language matters.

Skill Development in India – Skill India – What You Need to Know About

The “Skill India” Mission is critical not only for India, but World growth perspective. This article answers all about Skill India mission –what, why, when and where.

The Future of Digital Currencies

What are your thoughts on digital currencies, such as Bitcoins? Do you think the future is digital? To find out how to utilise Bitcoin, and other digital currencies, check out this article.

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