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A Century Of Leadership – Good And Bad

Maybe you think the performance of the U.S. government – and, as its most prominent representative, the president – doesn’t have much to do with your ability to build and protect your personal wealth. I would agree that it isn’t the top factor that determines your success, but federal policies do play a part in creating a business/investment environment that either helps or hinders you. And over the past century, the 18 different administrations have combined to move the United States “progressively” toward an America virtually unrecognizable to prior generations – one in which prosperity is a tricky business, indeed….

Theory of the New Economy

As a business owner, I am interested in learning how organizations are using fewer resources to do more work. In other words, I want to learn a simple and straightforward methodology to apply in my organization that will yield long-term results. I am not looking for a shortcut, but rather a proven set of steps that I can use to improve the bottom line for my company. Like any other business leader, I am searching for a process that can be learned quickly and leads to results.

Who Else Knows the Big Secret As to Why Health Care Costs Are So Much Higher in The US Vs Canada?

Have you ever wondered why health care costs are so much higher in the US than in Canada? Well after finding out that a 60 day supply of a certain new Parkinson’s drug that cost me 800 US dollars in the USA, was being sold in Canada for a mere 128 US dollars, I conducted some informal but solid research into the problem. Though many contributing factors can be named, like for instance, that televised drug commercials directed at the public are discouraged by the Canadian government, another deeper and allegedly more malignant cause sits at at its roots. The solution did not appear to me while interviewing 2 pharmacists and a hospital administrator. Nor did I receive adequate answers when querying several social news websites. Then I happened to meet for other reasons with an attorney friend who had served as a legislator. He boiled it down for me to one single word: “lobbyists.” Let me explain.

The Risk-Free Myth

The finance professors at New York University’s Graduate School of Business Administration all had experience on Wall Street, just steps away from our classrooms, when I earned my M.B.A. there in the mid-1980s. They taught me that the yield on U.S. Treasury bills represented a “risk-free” rate of return.

The Entitlement Tsunami of Debt Coming Soon to a Civilization Near You

There was an interesting cartoon recently in our local newspaper, and the setting as a South Pacific Island beach endowed with palm trees, with a massive wave about to hit the shoreline. The wave was titled; “Entitlements” and on the beach as a bureaucrat or politician stacking up sand bags. His stack was just over his own height about five and a half feet I’d say.

What Is the Current Value of the USPS Forever Stamp?

In 1989 the British introduced the first stamp which was a “non-denominated” stamp, meaning a value was not printed on the face of the stamp. Instead, the stamp was sold at current prices, but could be used anytime for a particular service. The goal was to workaround the problem of rapidly-changing postal rates.

Sound Money, the Answer for an Economic Recovery

Despite the high unemployment rate, high number of foreclosures, a depressed real estate market, and rising prices on food and other commodities there’s plenty of optimism that comes straight from the Central Bank and the Treasury. But what the officials don’t take the time to explain in a logical manner is how can our debt burdened economy truly recover after decades of (Federal Reserve induced) bubbles and busts. This article opens up a discussion about a topic that not many feel comfortable to talk about: Sound Money, the only solution to an economic recovery.

Market Brief – Earnings Surprises Continue – But for How Long?

Clearly the Quantitative easing programs are working. After all, $14 trillion in stimulus had better do some good. The problem is for how long. What happens when the QE programs end, and how long can earnings actually “surprise” investors.

Accepting Failure in Business Doesn’t Mean We Should Except the Crony Capitalistic Causes

Capitalism is probably the best way to run a society and civilization, and it has proven itself in the United States. Unfortunately we are not practicing free-market capitalism, no one really is. However the closer we get to our fundamental ideals and principles when it comes to free-market capitalism the better we will do, and that has been self evident in looking at the short history of the United States.

Too Many Similarities to a Year Ago!

There are a spooky number of conditions and situations that are similar to a year ago today. That’s uncomfortable because exactly a year ago today, in the similar excitement over first-quarter earnings reports, the stock market was just three trading days from topping out into the scary April-July correction of last year.

Social Security Meltdown

Can we successfully come to a fix to this looming Social Security meltdown? Some have suggested that the problem won’t be here until 2045, but signs are pointing to an earlier date, a lot earlier. Just to enlighten and make people consciously aware of this problem, this article delves into the serious nature of losing our senior’s retirement and what affect that could have on the younger generation.

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