Leftism is Evil

The Inevitability of Debt

The entire world is in debt of one form or another. It is not only about money but climate change, global warming, conflicts within and between nations, mass migration, and disease, to name but a few of the consequences of it. Drugs, crime, and social disorder can be added to the mix along with corrupt politicians and a loss of freedom and human trafficking.

A Rocky Road Ahead

Wall Street is seeing strong job growth. Is this a green light for the Federal Reserve to boost interest rates at the close of its upcoming meeting?

Discount Retail: The Next Shoe to Drop?

Increasingly, the stars are lining up in a way that will not spare a key group of companies in the retail sector – dollar stores. They’re facing new competition from some surprising companies.

Affordable Health Care Is Better for You

The economy-wide benefits of having affordable health care outweigh the costs. Here’s my case… and I want to know if it’s a convincing one to you.

Poverty in the Eyes of Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Malthus

Poverty is a situation in which scarcity takes place, or it can be a state where individuals lack a certain amount of materials or money, depending on the phase they are living in. There are many different views, describing this circumstance. Especially, economists have tried to describe it in a definition, but there are different views of referring to the situation among the economists as well.

Beware These Dangerous Words

Every boom has its moment of hubris and overconfidence. Most often someone announces a “tallest building in the world.” Or in this case, a gigantic mall.

The Debt Meltdown

America has a debt problem. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. For as long as I can remember, we’ve had a debt problem. But despite the federal government’s love of debt spending, its bad habits aren’t what could bring the economy to a sharp and painful halt yet again…

The Democratic Agenda

In the mist of this President’s trial by error administration the Democratic Party continues to grasp at straws for an agenda that would rally a nation that most feel is moving in a very wrong direction. The only light of reason and hope in this problematic presidency has been the continued outspoken presence of Bernie Sanders. But, like during the primaries the establishment of the DNC continues to dismiss and really ignore the message that Senator Sanders keeps putting out.

Universal Income Is Probably A Very Bad Idea Even If Small Scale Pilot Programs Show It Working

Perhaps you’ve heard the call for a ‘universal income’ to prevent poverty and bring a little more to the proverbial goal of equality. Well, it turns out many countries are considering this and a few already have such a thing. Most of us in capitalist countries hesitate at the thought of such a concept, as it is a disincentive for those at the bottom to climb up and out of poverty. Still, you’d be surprised how much traction this idea is getting in even first world nations, even though the scheme has ‘socialism’ and big government written all over it.

In the Lapse of Luxury: When the Rich Stop Spending

If the wealthy feel confident about the future, they spend. And a close look at the details of luxury spending shows the situation isn’t as pretty a picture as the market is painting right now.

Cashless Society, India, and Big Brother

The short story is that American banking and government institutions are partnering on a do-or-die- global ultimatum to shift all countries from cash to digital currency. The ultimatum is that if a country does not play ball by cooperating, they lose out in trade since digital will become the default platform.The momentum builds in the interest of international business community to eliminate cash, increase digital payments, and to expand the ability of payment service providers and mega corporations to track every penny you spend.

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