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New York’s Taxi Time Warp

You can hail a cab in a New York minute – in midtown. But the city’s taxi system is stuck in the days of the Chrysler Airflow.

Banks Unbundling Their Discretions For Deep Economic Development

In today’s aggressive industrial development and government fostered economies, it has become imperative for banks to make their infrastructure omnipotent and omnipresent. They should supply and make available the most efficient resources for critical industrial and trade operations. On the other hand, banks are also sensing the need of banking and finance institutions and their powerful, yet innovative instruments that can help organizations to flourish and grow in its niche.

Why The Welfare System Does Not Help The Poverty Problem

An important key to eliminating poverty is to encourage strong ties between men and their families. But due to a tragically misplaced ‘compassion’, governmental anti-poverty programs demoralize men, encouraging a state of affairs in which fathers recognize with horror that their families are better off without them.

What Will Get Us Out Of This Economic Mess?

Prosperity is the goal of economics. But for society as a whole, economic prosperity must be a means to an end – and all too often we have perverted this ideal through envy and greed, making the accumulation of wealth an end in itself, making it the cold relentless motive for the decisions we make as a nation and as individuals.

What Caused the Economic Crash?

The great inducement to do this, and the cause of all that followed, was that there was virtually no risk to be found! Rather than learning to be careful, they were encouraged to throw caution to the wind and grant mortgages to all comers. It just kept wildly growing, and everyone was happy because all of a sudden every American could easily realize the dream of buying a home.

Is China’s Economy Unsustainable? Of Course It Is

All is not as it appears to be when it comes to China’s economy. First of all, we can’t seem to get any legitimate numbers out of any of their companies, even those companies publicly traded on our stock market. Further, the Chinese government often seems to create their economic numbers out of thin air, which is my hunch.

American Debt – Inflate It Or Die

Has anyone ever wondered how come the United States keeps such a firm hold on its gold bullion? Why is it that America keeps its citizens in the dark regarding the benefits of accumulating gold and silver? Yet the US government is in the business of minting and distributing silver and gold coins. Did you know China publicly educates its populace as to the long-term benefits of owning these precious metals?

Central Bank Power And Its Limit

Central bankers have the power to provide limitless cheap credit to governments. But that doesn’t fix the economy.

Orlando Florida Is a Vital City to the Economy and Health of Florida

Orlando Florida is a key city and metropolitan area to the state of Florida. While it is known as an international tourist destination, it is also a center of manufacturing and distribution.

Economic Writing Online

Lately, I’ve noted that most of those who write quality content and online articles about economics are tying it all into the issue of jobs and employment or lack of; aka unemployment. There’s a lot more to economic issues than just jobs and employment, although reading the newspaper or even the business news lately, you wouldn’t think it. If you are an online article author I hope you will get a better understanding of economic issues so that you can help the online reader make better judgments.

Our Economic Growth and Vitality Are Pending the Outcome of 2012 Election – Capitalism or Socialism

It was very interesting to see what President Barack Obama would say during the 2012 Democratic National Convention, well, it turns out he didn’t say anything, rather as you know once again he read a perfect speech from a teleprompter. Indeed, our Teleprompter in Chief is quite skilled in this endeavor, and as I study history I’ve noted that many a socialist leader of the past has been able to speak to the people telling them what they want to hear, and yet, do so in a way that people never hear the reality of what they are doing or what’s really going on.

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