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Economics 101 – Free Trade and Outsourcing Jobs

Break down the complex economic concepts behind free trade and outsourcing jobs. Weed out misinformation and learn the basic economic principles at play.

Economics 101 – Minimum Wage and Living Wage

An easy to understand explanation of the economics of minimum wage and living wage. Dispel the myths and misinformation and learn the basics right here, right now.

Economic Impacts of Slowing Global and United States Population Growth

Investors need to consider the meaning of changing trends in U.S. and global population growth. The issue in changing demographic and population growth trends deserves extra consideration because the trend is completely new to the United States and the global economy.

Lower GDP Growth Rate in US

The US economy has shown a sluggish rate of growth his year. This can be attributed to many factors. One of them is the rise of imports by this country. The reduced spending by the US citizens can also be held accountable for such a slow growth rate of this economy. According to the commerce department of the country, this was the increase in the GDP for the period from January to March.

Popular News Series – BP Bearing Huge Damages Due to Oil Leak

Oil from a deep-sea well belonging to British Petroleum, a major producer of oil in UK has spilled over Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill has resulted in huge losses for the British petroleum giant BP. Therefore, this company is spending huge amounts to clean this oil leak.

Current Economic Recession – Can You Survive It?

Does the current economic recession threaten the livelihood of millions of Americans today? Should we worry about tomorrow? And will we all survive what may lay ahead of us? In this article we will touch on this topic’s.

Energy Costs and Economic Recovery Go Hand in Hand – How Soon We Forgeteth

Okay so, everyone is sketchy on the prospects of a Double Dip in our economy, and let’s be honest the Obama Administration botched the stimulus, similar to the Bush Administration botched those first few weeks as the troops went into Baghdad after they’d done an awesome job executing the war up until then. Not long ago, I was discussing the potential of a double dip or elongated recession, or even the possibility of entering a depression. We discussed the historical economic calamities of the past 100-years.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Money

To earn and to know about money, is a common desire of human. There are hundreds of interesting things in the world which are not known to you. Let me give you some very amazing facts about money.

Do We Need Jobless Benefits?

Many developed countries provide unemployment benefits in order to help people to survive if they do not have a job. Of course, such idea is very good but such benefits sometimes lead to laziness. As I heard in some European countries some people do not want to work because benefits that they get are enough in order to live very well.

The Seven Most Expensive Cities in 2010

Every year a list of the most expensive cities in the world are published by a US-based think tank. This year there are a few surprises, considering recent shifts in currency values, with a current lack of confidence in both the Euro, and US Dollar. What are the top seven most expensive cities in the World for expatriates and why are they on the top of this intriguing list?

What Does G-20 Promises of Debt Reduction Really Mean?

The G-20 Economic Summits are crucial to streamlining trade and money flows throughout the world. National Leaders need to be talking to each other, it is critical to maintain open communication, prevent political impasse, foster trade, and stop the marches towards wars due to misunderstandings, disrespect, or just plan hot tempers.

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