Marvel Sues Stan Lee’s Family: What will happen to the MCU?

Financial Evolution in Corporate Finance

  The Optimism of Corporate Finance Corporations enjoyed more than a decade of limitless optimism where finance is concerned. Without warning in September 2008, the first signs of flaws in that optimism appeared. Financial industries lost their sense of equilibrium and over-speculated on high risk investments and corporate transactions.

America’s Shortage: Estimators, Machinists, and Manufacturing Engineers!

American manufacturers have a shortage of skilled estimators.   Actually, they’ve taken a significant hit since before the turn of the century.

Derivative Contracts

Derivative is a financial instrument whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets. These are generally used as an instrument to hedge risk, but can also be used for speculative purposes. The most common finance derivatives are futures contracts, forward contracts, options and swaps.

What Happens When The Federal Government Runs Out of Money And Can’t Pay Employees?

There are far too many people, including American citizens that believe socialism is the right way to run the country, it’s not. Socialism has become a disaster for nearly every nation where it has been tried, and the faster a country moves towards socialism the quicker its economy collapses into the abyss. Still, it’s amazing how many people fall for this scheme even as free-market capitalism has shown that it is the best for all concerned.

Crony Capitalism Is Rarely Announced or Advertised But It Is Readily Apparent in Hindsight

It is amazing how much crony capitalism goes on in America. We see it at almost every turn. It’s hardly ever advertised or marketed as such because the dastardly deeds which go on happen behind the scenes. Sometimes we learn about it in hindsight, and then it becomes so readily apparent what had transpired, often due to the lack of transparency by the very folks who promised such transparency during their last election campaigns.

Socialism Dies Hard, Capitalism Fads Away, But Communism Dies Hardest And Most Abruptly

We’ve all seen the changes in socioeconomic strategies around the world as various nations elect different leadership and choose for themselves a different way to play it. Today there are all sorts of composites on long the main themes we see in governments structures which span across the three major historical socioeconomic strategies; communism, socialism, and capitalism. Is there something to be learned from a hybrid system, or is it just prostituting the best part of another? That is hard to say, and yet today I would like to speak to the end game of these various strategies if I might.

Raising Minimum Wage Won’t Fix The Economy or Promote Job Growth

Today at Starbucks, I was talking to a painter, he is self-employed, and runs a good little business. Although the economy isn’t so great, he is booked up all summer long and is trying to schedule 2 weeks where he can take a vacation and go to some beach city along the coast, because we live in a very hot desert in the summertime. He’d like to get more help, but he told me he has to train people, otherwise they just slow him down. He has two helpers which are quite good, but he could easily use two more, he pays them about $18 per hour.

Global International Economics and Government Data – Can We Trust Any of It As Business Owners?

Well, we are told to respect authority, and we sit in classrooms, go to college, and/or are indoctrinated into this sort of “respect for the people in charge” motif. However, whenever we turn around we find out we’ve been lied to, or someone has misrepresented the facts. What I’m speaking to is all the bogus economic data that is purported around the planet. It seems that the regulators always go after corporations for misrepresenting their financial position, or painting too starry of a picture. But the same government which hosts those regulatory bodies, well, that is there standard operating procedure.

Cuts to the Income Security Programs Need to Be Rethought

Clearly no government has unlimited funds to bestow on its citizens and the rate of spending of our government will have to be pulled back. Arguments by our nation’s top economists all have valid points but none of them agree.

Someone Should Tell Fed Staff About Capitalism

Yet another proposal to improve money market funds would just render them useless. Has the Fed staff heard of capitalism?

Someone Should Tell Fed Staff About Capitalism

Yet another proposal to improve money market funds would just render them useless. Has the Fed staff heard of capitalism?

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