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Foreclosure – Crisis Won’t Be Fixed Until Jobs Return

Two and 1/2 years after the Great Recession later, millions of the nation’s homeowners still remain at risk of foreclosure. An analysis of court records of foreclosure proceedings by the Justice Center of North Carolina and Georgia shows more than 40,000 foreclosure filings by the end of July, and expect a record of 70,000 foreclosures by the end of this year, beating last year’s record of 63,289.

The Sales of Display Driving IC Will Decline in the Future

This article talks about the display driving IC market which will decline in the future. The author also gives some data to show this situation.

Economic Collapse – Final Warning (Part 2)

Jobs aren’t there, their confidence is shrinking to record lows. You find that the borrowing capacity is there it is just not happening. It isn’t happening because there isn’t a demand.

The Indian Economic Revolution

Will India live up to its economic growth predictions? Find out why India is predicted to overtake China as the world’s fastest growing economy.

An Outline For Local Economic Development

A basic 5-step plan to increase success in your local economic development strategy. This is meant as a general overview. Local conditions will require modifications to this process.

Is it Hard to Anticipate the Next Giant Black Swan Financial Bubble Burst?

Each time we have a complete financial economic catastrophe, everyone says; “how could anyone have predicted this would happen,” and I say to all those who say such nonsense; “Are You Kidding Me?” Of course, it was predictable. The Junk Bond crash, the S & L scandal, the Enron collapse, and the housing bubble burst were all predictable, obvious, and anyone who didn’t see it, was living in fantasy-land.

Projected Inflation Rates and Why Your Money Isn’t Safe

It’s hard to believe that things are going to get worse for our economy, but that is exactly what the experts and skeptics are saying. Signs continue to strengthen the fact that the value of our dollar, and projected inflation rates, will continue to demolish our middle class and impoverish the lower class.

Inflation Rate Forecast and Our Nation’s Economic Future

I know it is a hard pill to swallow but the truth is our economy is about to get much, much worse before it gets any better. While we all look to the next inflation rate forecast or other indicators of relative economic health, the mechanisms underlying our current global financial crisis continue to go unnoticed. I think it’s time we start to pay a little more attention to that man behind the curtain. Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Fair Value Accounting Economics Professor Needs to Be Schooled

For those of us which follow the happenings on Wall Street, and the business cycles, well, we see a lot that has gone “right” over the last many decades, but also some things which have not worked out so well. Each time there is a bubble burst, methane burp, violent sector rotation, market crash, or downturn in the business cycle, the blame games start, and the politicians jump in and scream, and then they tell us how they will fix it all. That’s all interesting since much of the cause of any major negative change like that is generally due to adversity caused by that very group of the podium pushing partiers.

A Manifesto For National Economic Recovery

Okay, so the economy continues to cough and splutter like an old banger with kerosene in the gas tank. A few weeks of economic upturn are now dissipating into the same relentless constriction and decline, escalating debt, soaring fuel and other prices, money scarcity and a collapsing housing market.

Global Financial Crisis Causes High Unemployment Rate

I think that global financial crisis has touched almost all countries around the world. It caused unemployment in the US.

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