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You Say Tax the Rich, I Say Tax the Poor

The other day, President Bill Clinton was promoting his latest book on CNN, doing a talk show interview. He said that he believed that rich people should pay more of their income as a percentage for taxes than poor people “simply because they can” – indeed, it seems to me I am reminded of an excuse that Bill Clinton made after reflecting the Monica Lewinsky incident. He explained in an interview back in 2000 that he tried to figure out why he did it, and the best thing he said he could come up with was; “because I could.

Why Is Everyone So Negative On the US Economy?

I find it rather amazing that everyone is so negative on the US economy right now. Something’s wrong with the national tone, and obviously wrong with how the media is portraying the actual reality in the marketplace. Did you know we are experiencing about 2.5% growth, and actually the economy is doing quite well.

Most of the Monopolies in the US Are Created by Government, Isn’t That Ironic?

Those folks who complain about capitalism often cite the challenges of monopolies in market economies. Indeed, just about every PhD economics professor that I’ve ever talked to always claims that one of the problems with capitalism is the problem of duopolies, monopolies, or even ad hoc cartels. I am often bothered when I hear academia talk in this way, and thankfully I know my facts, and I’ve studied Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and Adam Smith amongst others.

The International Debate Over China’s Currency Manipulation Considered

It is amazing what happens when the United States pushes China to act responsibly and engage in free and fair trade with their largest trading partner, yes, that’s us. Without our markets here in the US, China could not possibly maintain its 10% year-over-year growth rate. Meanwhile by keeping its currency low and pegging it to the dollar at a certain rate even if the dollar goes down, the Chinese Yuan also goes down, therefore, they can’t lose no matter what.

Inflation and Savings

The article has explained the surge in inflation during the Festive Season of Diwali. The author believes that the situation will aggravate and won’t buy into any political facts. Further, he has talked about the recent policy changes of the RBI. He tries to say that in India savings are the last resort to deal with the economic crunch. All these in the mix discuss problems and their probable solution.

Tickling The Market’s Sweet Spot – More Return, Less Risk

Making money in any market is every investors dream. The current massive volatility is making that goal overwhelmingly difficult and dangerous… You’re not going to outsmart the market any more than George Clooney outsmarted the sea in the Perfect Storm. The market always presents a “sweet spot”…

Joseph (Son of Jacob) and the Business Cycle

Business cycles are a part of every capitalistic economy. In fact, there is reference to a business cycle in the bible, as explained by Joseph, the son of Jacob. Joseph had the ability to interpret dreams into real life occurring prophesies.

Can Small Business Development Solve the Problem in All Nations?

Although, small business development cannot solve all the economic woes of all nations, it sure has the potential to really help just about every nation, including our own. Consider if you will the number of people employed by smaller companies. In the US it’s a staggering number, something like 60-70% depending on which survey you read, and what they consider to be a small business.

Are Small Businesses Unwelcomed in Agrarian Societies or Resource Based Economies?

It sometimes amazes me how folks who are of high IQ and have upper graduate degrees think when it comes to economics, society, and the best way to run a civilization. I once had someone attempt to lecture me about why “small businesses” were not viable in “most” nations. Of course, he was flat wrong, but I did entertain his argument.

They Want More Regulations and Say Capitalism Is Evil – I Say Baloney

When free-market capitalists call for less regulation it seems the left-leaning thinking folks just go berserk at times. In fact, I’ve actually been charged with being someone who doesn’t like government and takes free-market capitalism as some sort of religion. Okay, but if more people did, maybe we wouldn’t be drowning in socialism and crony capitalism in the US, thus, I guess, we ought to talk about this a bit.

French Debt Downgrade Cometh

Will the Euro par with the Dollar by Q2 2012 or sooner, some believe so, I see that as a possibility myself. Now the credit rating agencies say they are going to downgrade French debt as they did the US, but why now you ask? Well, because France’s exposure to the overall crisis just got compounded by Italy’s debt.

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