New Yorkers Think the Supreme Court Should Be ABOLISHED

Benefits of Economic Recession – Do You Know the Top 5?

The benefits of a economic recession are great for those who know and understand them. Are you curious of what they might be, and are you willing to take advantage of them? In this article we will show you the top 5.

Twin Objectives

The RBI has raised the repo – rates at which it lends to & borrows from banks- by 25 basis points. Though anticipated, this is still a surprise move coming ahead of the July 27 credit policy review. There are, to be sure, some valid concerns about generalized inflationary pressures on the economy.

Booms and Busts and Bubbles – What Can We Conclude About the Most Recent One We Are Recovering From?

Of course predicting with any certainty what will happen economically is largely impossible. However, there are some facts we can glean from the last crisis that may offer some hints about where we should look next for a bubble in values.

Sick Cars – Millions May Be on the Road

Millions of cars needing repair, some repairs more serious than others, may be on our roads as you read this article. Due to the economy, people have not been able to keep up their vehicle’s scheduled maintenance or major repairs.

Fundamentals and Basic Principles of Economics – Domestic and International Approach

Wherever we go, economics is everywhere all over the world and it can be located in all major continents around the globe. This begins in domestic up to global approach. In my own opinion, economics is a social science.

Basic Economics

Economics isn’t about money or business. This can often be confusing when listening to media throw the term around without understanding its meaning.

DHL Returning to Wilmington?

More important than the shortcomings of the current administration in Columbus in dealing with the DHL closure and its committments to their constituents who lost their jobs, is the possibility that with the upturn in America’s economic fortunes, DHL may restart its Wilmington operation. It is imperative, that the people of Wilmington and the entire DHL affected area pause and reflect on past experience. And welcome DHL back to the Wilmington facility.

How Will the BP Oil Spill Affect the Economy in Months to Come? – What it Means to the “Average Joe”

How will the BP oil disaster impact the economic climate now and in the near future? And what does it mean to the “Average Joe.” You might be surprised by the impact this disaster could produce in your life.

If You Vote Democrat, You Are Leading Our Nation Towards Socialism

You may not like what I have to say here today, but it is my opinion, and I’ve listened to the other side of the debate and their opinions for too long; it’s time to speak out! You see, it is amazing how utterly ignorant many Americans are in the US. So many people equate the Republicans with being NAZI-like in their policies, but in reality Hitler was a socialist and rode into power with the help of the Labor Party. Not long ago, a staunch “Democrat Acquaintance” [I am using this term very loosely] of mine was taken aback when I labeled him as a liberal.

Tips to Survive the Double Dip Recession That’s Coming

It is important for you do everything you can, right now, to prepare you and your family for another possible recession or “double dip” recession as predicted by many economic forecasters. The following tips will help you weather any financial turmoil to come.

The Likely Effects of G20 Debt Reduction Plan

The powerful G20 nations are working furiously to work out a compromise to reduce spending deficits and debt. Find out about the effects G20 debt reduction plans will have on stocks, forex and the economy.

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