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Top 8 Reasons to Buy “Made in the U.S.A.” Products

Sure, you have read this type of article many times, and are positive that you know all the reasons why you should make this choice, and would do it too, if it didn’t cost so much, or if it wasn’t so difficult to find. I am with you! But, I want to give you eight good reasons to make a better effort at finding American Made products, and some data that would support each of my claims.

Going Back To The Gold Standard – Ridiculous

Not long ago, I was reading a piece in the Wall Street Journal which stated that the GOP was debating on whether or not putting the US back on the gold standard should be part of their political platform. Whereas, I realize that there are a number of independents that think this is a good idea, it simply is not possible, if we were to do that then gold would spike to $35,000 an ounce, and all the mining companies in the world would be busy digging it up creating a mining bubble.

An Increase Of Spam Sales Tell A Different Story About the Consumer Economy

The other day, I was listening to a Democratic congressman who claimed that the food stamp program was one of the best government programs going. His rationale was that because 45 million Americans are getting free food, that it must be a good program, as the government is providing the American people food. As someone who leans on the other side of the political spectrum I am horrified by that thought. After all, I was always told that you should teach a man to fish, not give him three fishes for life.

News EGov

Bihar’s spending in 5 years to match Gujarat’s spending over 50 years – An ongoing exercise at the Planning Commission lays bare Bihar’s ambitious growth agenda. Its total plan outlay for the 12th five-year plan (2012-17) at Rs 2.69 lakh crore is more than what a fast growing state like Gujarat has spent in the last 50 years.

Is the Food Stamp Program Causing Increased Food Costs?

In the summer of 2012 the US Midwest saw a rather harsh drought period, and as far as I can tell the worst in about 14-years or so. Plus, it is an El Nino year with hotter water surface temps off the California and Mexico’s Pacific Coast meaning more rain along the coast and less inland, even less in the Midwest.

Michigan Lays Off 400 Unemployment Workers

Great news for Michigan: their economic condition seems to be improving, but that good news does come with a downside, as well. Around 400 state workers who currently process unemployment claims will be losing their jobs as a result of the recent improvement.

Freedom Without Responsibility Won’t Work

In society today we are concerned about the national debt. While that is a problem, 10% of that debt at least comes from the irresponsibility of our citizens. In this article is outlined how 12 items of personal irresponsibility cost our society over $1.5 Trillion dollars each and every year. We all enjoy the freedoms of this great nation but a growing number of people are giving in to fraud, deceit, and the lack of a disciplined lifestyle that ends up costing us a fortune. We must go back to personal responsibility or the freedoms we hold dear will be gone forever.

What Is The Savings and Loans Crisis?

The story of the Savings and Loans crisis is a two part story. The first consists of the events that brought on the S&L’s trouble, the second part is the events that created the major crisis and cost Americans money. We will take a look at the financial climate that was in place prior and during the crisis. Also we will look at the failed policies that helped turn and financial downturn into a full blown crisis.

The Islamic Economic System

Islam encourages an interest-free economy, which ensures social and economic well-being, equal distribution of wealth and economic justice. Islamic Banking works on the principle of profit and loss sharing and thus prevents the wealth from being concentrated in the hands of a few people.

Is Egypt a Good Credit Risk?

While it is true that capitalism doesn’t work without capital, and all emerging nations need access to the funds needed to grow their civilization, infrastructure, distribution system, economy and banking system – we should still be very wary of exactly what type of capitalism they are talking about. Is it going to be state run capitalism, crony capitalism, or the essence of free-market capitalism? And even when an emerging nation promises us one thing, more often than not those promises are not kept.

Flight to Safety Flows Out of Europe – Yes, How About Out of China Too

With the economic crisis in Europe, we are witnessing the flow of capital out of the EU. Where is it going you ask? Well, it’s going to various places, but much of it is coming to the US as a safe haven. Of course, the slowdown in Europe has also caused the US to be around 1% GDP growth, instead of the 3% we’d hoped for at this point. Further, the economic slowdown has severely impacted the Chinese manufacturing sector, they lost a major market, and this is putting a damper on their 10% year-over-year growth goals, and sending shockwaves through their economy.

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