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Structural Unemployment’s Effects on the Economic Recovery

The unemployment rate coming out of the recession is still in the 9.7% range, and is expected to decline only slowly. One significant component of unemployment is structural unemployment, one example being that there are jobs that have been eliminated as some industries have shrunk, such as automobile manufacturing. Because of this, less worker mobility because of the housing crisis, and other factors, structural unemployment, which has decreased rapidly in other economic recoveries, may be much slower to decline in this one, putting a continued drag on consumer spending.

US Economic Growth Spurts But Just What is Its Composition?

The latest GDP numbers for the US economy seemed to hold a surprise for everyone and reason to cheer on the face of it. The fourth quarter growth for the US economy was reported at an annualized rate of 5.7%, by far the fastest growth rate in nearly six years.

US Fed and US Economy – Fed Speak, and the Economy Under Obama Leadership

The latest statements from the US Fed suggest that the US economy is improving gradually, with some areas of concern remaining. Accordingly, the Fed has decided not to raise interest rates, which have been close to zero for some time now.

BP Debt Crisis

BP bonds have now fallen in cost significantly following the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The downturn is giving a sign that BP will soon default on its debts according to many analysts. Although shares are beginning to show signs of recovery the bonds are still falling steadily.

Who is Number 2 in Tech? Not Apple

For the first time in over 20 years, Apple passes up Microsoft in market cap. How did the most valuable company in tech get where they are today and what do they have to do to stay there?

The Future of the Euro in 2010 and 2011

In the year 2000, many Europeans celebrated by phasing out their old, national currency, and adopted the symbol of a newer emerging Europe- the Euro. Today, just ten years later, the same people are questioning adopting the Euro, scared by the recent crisis in Greece. What is the future of the Euro?

The Mexican Peso to US Economy – The US Recovery and the Peso Opportunity

The Mexican economy has the advantageous location of being the largest consumers’ neighbor. Thus, any changes in consumer demand have almost an immediate and perceptible impact on the health of the Mexican economy.

Chinese Monetary Maneuvers Impact the Dollar

Who could believe that changes in the Chinese economy could impact currency values of other nations! However, with the massive significance that the economy of China has gained in the global economy, maneuvers by China have come to impact world trade and thus currency values.

Bring on the Recession!

I have always assumed that economics is complex stuff, or they would not have so many university courses dealing with it. Even after everyone has finished the courses, they continue to debate the various issues with very little certainty about what is best for everyone. So it is obviously presumptuous for me to butt into this debate with virtually no experience in academic economics.

Oil Spills, European Market Crisis, and Cash For Gold – What This Means For You

The news recently has been devastating to a Global Economy trying desperately to climb out of a three-year economic recession. Recent events have made a significant impact on world Gold Spot Prices and how this translates to consumers with precious commodities such as gold, silver, and platinum.

California Uses Unclaimed Money to Fix Budget Deficit

California tops the chart in unclaimed money laying with the state treasurer. The state is trying its best to get the unclaimed cash to the rightful owners. The state’s coffers are getting filled with Unclaimed Property Program that receives unclaimed checks from various banks, insurance companies, utility services, employers, etc.

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