People Are RAVING About “What is a Woman?”

Congress Decides to Extend Jobless Benefits Deadline

Congress voted April 15 2010 to roll forward the last day for jobless claimants to file for extended unemployment benefits till June 2 2010, a law President Barack Obama immediately signed into law. This law will restore federal unemployment benefits to over 200,000 jobless Americans would have been ineligible for them starting April 5. Before the amendment, federal unemployment benefits, which last up to 73 weeks, commence after 26 weeks of initial coverage expire.

Recession Slowed Business Down – Will it Slow Down Drivers?

Police may be giving out more speeding tickets in response to budgetary needs created by the recession. Many media outlets picked up on the story by Larry Copeland in the USA Today. Based on input from James Baxter, President of National Motorists Association, the story notes that there is a growing trend toward police issuing tickets for speeds only slightly over the speed limit.

Why Are So Many Americans Moving Back in With Their Parents?

Due to these hard economic times more and more grown adults are finding it absolutely necessary to live with their parents once again. Despite the well known stigma of living with your parents when grown, adults are using their head and putting their monies together with their parents in order to survive these hard economic times. However, in many countries families have always lived as one large family unit.

Why the Economy Will Rebound Faster Than Employment

I have seen it happen over and over again. Entrepreneurs and business owners hire people and then they grow to like them. They build a culture of family and they genuinely feel a sense of pride in and responsibility for providing employment and security for so many families.

A Look Into Nigeria’s Future Without Oil

Nigeria must begin to plan if it hopes to prevent catastrophic consequences that could happen to its economy when its oil wells are exhausted. It must as a matter of necessity use the wealth created by today’s oil to develop the economy of tomorrow.

Security Implications of Disruption of Africa’s Commodity Market by Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, the science of minuscule molecule, is advancing with potentials that can radically alter the structures of modern commerce, industry and culture. It has the potential to disrupt the global commodity market. If Africa does not develop its knowledge capability, nanotechnology could undermine its ability to function economically through commodity trading.

Widows and Orphans

Some days the insanity of the credit industry hits me harder than others. I have a friend who lost her spouse in a war nearly 40 years ago. She was a young girl with a child, and she had no choice but to work through all the pain and tears to take care of her family.

Is the Next Big Financial Crisis Brewing?

With The recent news of Goldman Sachs, and other stories floating around, the economy is again balancing in a knife’s edge. This news it seems has spark what we call a minute awakening in some people. Each day as more and more news is bought out people are slowly realizing that the big wigs on Wall St have not kept their promises.

Our Economy – Good Or Bad?

Here is a short list of things you can consider doing that you should periodically look at; whether the economy is growing or contracting. Take a pragmatic view of your overhead items. It’s quite common when times are good and the business is growing for a company to take on more overhead cost than is absolutely necessary. When you review your overheads, identify those you can reduce without damaging the business, then either reduce or eliminate them. Contact your customers. Ensure them of your viability. Let them know you’re going to be there to continue fulfilling their requirements.

Don’t Worry, It May Never Happen

History never repeats itself, exactly. However, perceived parallels can warrant serious discussion. With the recovery no longer in doubt, it has become more fashionable to actually increase the pessimism for future years, assuming that the economy will fall apart again when the historically high stimulus is removed.

The Great Recession

For many Americans, life has changed rapidly and dramatically. The times that we live in are causing many of us to make adjustments that we would not have imagined just a couple of years ago. But this should not come as a surprise as history has shown that the current economic cycle has repeated itself throughout recorded history.

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