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Get Ready for $4 Trillion

In my recent articles I’ve already mentioned that US economy has 2 possible scenarios of its future – first is closely connected with inflation processes, other is deflation and quick and deep economic recession. Almost all chiefs of US Federal Reserve have already told about the way US economy will go, so did almost all major politicians. Only one part was silent – those ones who finance all fundamental economic researches, who are the founders of the present financial and economic system, and precisely are its main beneficiaries. Who is it? Let’s read the article.

Quantitative Easing Demystified

What is Quantitative Easing? Why is it relevant? What is the history behind it? Why would be effective? Why not? What are the merits?

Our Financial System Is Coming To An End – Part 1

The world is fed up with the fed, Germany, china, Brazil just a few of the countries blasting the federal reserve that has just printed another 600 billion dollars and spread it back into the economy. Most people think it is time to clamp down, like congressman Ron Paul, who is ready to do just that. Ron thinks it is not too early to reassess the federal reserve and its ability to print off money and flood any market it wishes with money and good tiding with out thinking about the consequences.

Our Financial System Is Coming To An End – Part 2

Even around the world they are calling the US federal reserve out of control. Especially as the US dollar is looking quite sickly, from all the money they have been printing off. This is having very bad consequences on people and the costs they ensue day to day.

Government Takeover: It Ain’t Over Yet

It’s been over a century since the “progressive” movement took hold in America. Since then, the movement has sought not to overthrow the country through “revolution,” but through “evolution.” One small move at a time. A new entitlement program here, a liberty withdrawn there. The ultimate goal is to erode the free-market libertarian republic and replace it with another socialist state wherein the smart government leaders ensure that no one is “left behind” – and that no one can get ahead.

The United States Needs a Short Work Program

The United States jobs market is changing from a regular 40 hour career environment to short work promoted by industry and the government. Part-time and temporary jobs are the newly sought after positions that will insure employment and financial survival.

Recession Forces Ingenuity

People are very resilient and can come up with creative ways to earn money in order to survive. Competing in an employment market saturated with unemployed individuals is making people reflect on all the possibilities to become inventive entrepreneurs by honing their talents and expertise or finding an unfilled niche in the market.

The Bubble-Machine Is Cranking!

The Federal Reserve has cranked up the bubble-machine again, pumping up opportunities as well as risk. In doing so it is on the wrong side of the economic cycle again, as it so often has been in the past, beginning to ease too late to prevent recessions, and then continuing to ease too long after recoveries are underway, creating bubbles. For example, in 1998, although having already warned of the inflationary risk in the overheated economy and “irrational exuberance” in the stock market, the Greenspan Fed panicked when Asian markets began to…

Q and A With Dr VK Tsitsiringos on Economic Failure

Following are the excepts of a phone interview with Dr. V.K. Tsitsiringos, on the reasons for economic failure. I thought it would be very timely to discuss this with Dr. Tsitsiringos, as his other articles and blogs are so enlightening and informative regarding rather complex subjects.

Income Determination – Concept of Consumption and Its Relationship With Savings and Investment

Consumption is the total quantity of goods and services purchased and used by consumers during a specified period of time. Consumption is also described as expenditure on goods and services at a given period of time. It is the expression of total consumer demand.

Gold’s Rise Will End in a Bubble

While some people are saying there is currency stability, and others are saying the US dollar and other currencies are doomed. But if there is currency stability, then that would be bullish for stocks and commodities. That seems to be the likely scenario some of the big broking firms are cramming down the investors throats.

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