Police Officer Punished: Didn’t Want To Ride in Pride Parade

3D Blockchain Application Platforms

3D blockchain application platforms are now available. These are projects that are developed by using a cryptocurrency. The program is regulated by the use of different kinds of cryptocurrencies. When you have a small business, it is possible to make very interesting presentations so as to manage projects in a more impressive and efficient manner only by using such programs. This means that you can be in a position to manage different business services or even a store better.

Closure of Car Manufacturing in Australia Is a Legacy of Abbott and Hockey

Many in this country held their breath when the decision was made by the Federal Abbott/Hockey government not to give money to companies struggling to continue with their manufacturing industries. This followed the Global Financial Crisis and the staving off of job losses by the Rudd government after its election in 2007. The toxic nature of Abbott in opposition appealed to the people who chose to change things in 2013.

The Fed Is About to Topple This House of Cards

There’s another storm ready to pummel the U.S. It could leave behind a painfully slow recovery that could eat away at your wealth if you’re not prepared…

Academic and Professional/Occupational Advice for American Citizens Under Thirty Years of Age

The prevailing economic status of a constitutional republic, such as the USA, determines the sociopolitical environment in which the youth of the republic are conditioned to pursue education, professional, and occupational development. The methodology for such development boils down to one, of two, economic options; the statist, socialist, and Keynesian approach to development, or the one based upon the republican principles established for the pursuit of liberty by the honored Framers of the American U.S. Constitution, capitalism, and the free market. Pursuit of education and future financial success may be geared toward an expansion of socialism or a restoration and sole use of the principles of capitalism. The educational status of a unique republic is at stake through choices made by its youth. Read on for an explication of the issues…

The Economic Impact Of Universal Income

In an age of technological marvels as we are seeing today has generated enormous wealth. But, with this wealth you would think that society as a whole would be the benefactors of all those technological advances. Today, the wealth disparity gap has only gotten wider.

How a Social Impact Calculator on Aging Can Help Your Community

Aging Social Impact Calculator uses demographic trends, economic benchmarks, health rankings, policy and funding frameworks to provide a predictive picture. Communities and states can use these benchmarks to better understand the potential impact of the aging of our society, and how economic, health, policy and funding rankings help communities and states determine how well they are positioned to respond, and what sort of capacity they bring to the situation.

Why Do Leftist Socialist Leaning Professors Dismiss Entire Field of Economics & Fight Economic Data?

Not long ago, I was listening to a PodCast from Knowledge (AT) Wharton [Business School] where the researchers noted that 58% of Economists believed it would not be helpful for them to study the humanities – Sociology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, Etc. The same study did reveal that most Economists believed History was important. Contrast that with professors in the Humanities where 78% thought that cross-studies, multi-degrees in different subjects helped their knowledge, insight and perspective very much.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Price of Scrap Metal

Selling your scrap metal is something that requires a focused approach. Learn how to loosely assess the value of your items before handing them over to a scrap metal buyer.

National Economic Reform’s: Department Of Economic Development

Not since FDR has the United States been faced with the enormity of rebuilding America’s economy and infrastructure. Today our economy as well as the nations infrastructure is putting this nations security and stability in grave danger. Our economy today is already on the verge of falling into the abyss by factors very reminiscent of the events that led to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

The Mounting Tempest

Hindsight is relative in proportion to events that have already occurred. That being said the transgressions that the Trump administration has done many now wonder would the electoral college have voted for the one candidate who had the majority of Americans in his corner if they knew how the Trump Presidency is turning out to be? An historical turn of events would have taken place.

McDonald’s Strikes Gold With New AI

For investors, the AI revolution represents an opportunity. For job seekers, on the other hand, a liberal arts degree is beginning to finally look like a solid option.

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