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What Will Repair The British Economy? Why, Prince William and Andrew Strauss Of Course!

Before the World Cup in South Africa, financial experts were extolling the virtues of a good World Cup on the British economy. While that didn’t happen, there’s plenty of things to look forward to that should inspire a healthy amount of good old British pride.

Leveraged Short Selling to Reduce Silver Prices Could Raise Consumer Price Index and Require Bailout

The manipulation of silver prices is done with leverage, which means those that are engaging in this activity are borrowing nine dollars for every single dollar they use, thereby multiplying the amount they use to short the commodity. Those that are accused of manipulating it are private banks that were recently rescued with tax money from the poor gambling wagers they made. Not only does the tax money come directly from the labor of the citizens, the money borrowed to make the wagers…

Transferring Prices

Transferring prices affects the world and the economy. Without that act there would be no selling or buying of goods across the borders of one’s home country. Dealing with transferring prices can be very challenging but if done correctly can lead to a satisfying transaction and effective marketing.

The Economic Fujiwara

The dollar is up against the euro. No, the dollar is down against the euro. Now it’s up again. Until it goes down. Meteorologists have a term, the “Fujiwara effect,” to describe the interaction of two storms in close proximity. Europe and the United States each are dealing with their own economic storms, but they are not independent of one another. Global trade and international finance have pulled these two mighty economies so close together that neither travels an independent path.

Ireland – Raising the Titanic Economy

In a space of 20 years, a nation which was once dubbed the poor relative of an affluent northern Europe, became its Tiger and has collapsed to become a modal of economic irresponsibility and corporate greed. What happened to Ireland?

An Overview of the Indian Economy

India has been the leader in the field of education, art and literature, administration and finance in the ancient and medieval times and according to Angus Maddison, it was so till the colonial era. After India regained her independence in 1947, it has again tried to rise to its former glory and today it is the 11th largest economy in the world.

The Big Lie About Jobs and Taxes

The question of whether to extend the Bush tax cuts seems hopelessly mired in misinformation. The bickering in Washington on the economy seems almost exclusively focused on the top marginal tax rates — the rate paid by the wealthiest taxpayers on the income that falls into their highest tax bracket. The little mentioned fact is that everyone, including many millionaires and billionaires, pays income taxes at the same marginal tax rates.

The Impossible Task of Balancing the United States Budget

As the United States faces growing deficits and nations around the world start tightening their fiscal policy, a lot of discussion has come up about balancing the United States budget. People are demanding fiscal responsibility which is causing people to start looking at the government books and figuring out where money can be saved. However, when it comes to fully balancing the United States budget, there are a lot of difficult choices that have to be made.

Social Security Disappearing in the 21st Century

By 2025, the U.S. Social Security system is scheduled to bottom out, and cost the U.S. government over $300 billion a year. Since benefits are paid from taxes of workers, each retiree will need two workers per benefit. It can’t be done, if things stay the status quo.

Who Is the Winner of Higher Inflation?

The people around the world are suffering the higher inflation recently. The people could not know the inflation from the newspaper, but they also could feel it in the daily life. Canada, South Korea, Indian, China and so on are suffering the higher inflation now. The people are worrying about how to keep their money. Who is the winner of the higher inflation?

San Diego Chargers New Stadium in Downtown: How It Will Affect the Real Estate Market

With a new state-of the art football stadium in San Diego, there are several positive economic factors. Just as the Dallas Cowboys Stadium did for Jerry Jones, the new stadium in downtown can for San Diego. There is the potential to host a 6th BCS bowl game. The potential of the World Cup returning to the United States and the West Coast, and possibly even a Pro Bowl. These things are all speculation at this point, but they are all major economic factors with potential in the next 10 – 15 years. Not to mention each Superbowl generating somewhere around $300 million in local spending from the event.

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