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Nothing Accomplished, But A Surprisingly Good Start

My low expectations for the president’s deficit-cutting commission will probably be realized this week, when the powerless panel, in all likelihood, fails to agree on a plan to fix the nation’s finances. Yet, to my surprise, the panel has accomplished something very important: It pointed the way toward the compromises we will have to make if we are serious about maintaining American leadership in the 21st century. Our only other option is to keep putting off difficult choices until this country ultimately becomes the biggest deadbeat in history.

‘Napkin Math’, Financial Overhaul Through Constitutional Alignment

Well what’s next? I took an hour before breakfast Sunday morning, balanced the US budget and solved the US debt crisis. Of course I’m being facetious – a little. I printed out and scored the 37 ‘cost’ accounts in the 2009 GAO ‘United States Government Financial Statement’. I’ve included the link for the full financial report at bottom of this blog. If you read the section ‘Management’s Discussions and Analysis’, it paints a dire future of a government out of control and unsustainable. Minor adjustments on growth and the political bickering doesn’t help. A major structural change has to happen. Here we go….. The bottom line is, of the 37 cost accounts on page 45 only 15 can be justified as legitimate Federal powers under the original intent of the US Constitution. Which means of the $3.7 trillion in Gross Costs, only $1.5 trillion is legitimate. The Revenues for 2009 were roughly $2.4 trillion which means the federal operating loss for 2009 was $1.3 trillion which is added to the national debt each year – $14.7 trillion at this writing.

The US Economic Review – August 2010

The latest numbers for the lagging US economy are disappointing. With the chances of a double-dip rising from the previous 15 percent to the 25 percent currently, the analysts are of the opinion that the Fed chief is buying time and adopting a wait & watch policy rather than charting a definite plan of action.

Pioneers In Software Development Field

Ecommerce sector is growing rapidly in large amount with many companies coming up on the web in each and every minute. There are lot of constraints you will have to face in order to put your website up and running on the web. To your surprise many non technical people are coming up with new ecommerce projects with the strong determination of taking challenges in the online market sectors.

Good Fellowship, Having Fun Helping Others

Social Clubs exist for the purpose of community good. They are essentially a group of members who get together to help and assist those in need.

The Bottom Line Is The Great Motivator For Businesses

It has become human nature to search for “scapegoats” because it is generally easier to blame others. While there is no doubt that there have been many business abuses, restricting business earnings or profit potential is often an error. It is one thing to stem business abuses such as consumer fraud and/ or deception, usurious practices, etc.

Applying the Medici Effect to Local Problems

The name “The Medici Effect” comes from the Medici family of Florence, Italy who intentionally brought leading edge thinkers of the world to Florence to establish it as a center of thought and culture to rival that of Rome. Some of the notable people who spent time in Florence with Medici patrons were Michelangelo, Galileo, and Donatello. The family Medici brought the works of Plato from Constantinople to Florence and established the Platonic Academy along with the largest library in Europe at that time. The Medici’s literally nurtured the greatest thinkers of their age for the glory of family. The results were so transformational on a worldwide basis that the Medici’s are now often referred to as “the Godfather’s of the Renaissance”.

Life Through the Lens of Wall Street (Behavioral Finance)

Utilize financial market’s behavioral analysis to improve daily decision making process and to better understand the concept of life. Although it is a very demanding journey, it is a journey worth taking. Every day we face various choices and make numerous decisions. Each decision is like a gamble, because alongside the possibility of being successful, it always entails the inherent risk of failure.

Sustainable Development and Western Civilization – Are They Compatible?

Peter Russell is a highly respected scientist, futurist, spiritual leader, and author. A pioneer in recognizing the urgency of our environmental crisis, he authored a hard-hitting critique challenging the notion that sustainable development and Western civilization are compatible. His trenchant analysis is even more compelling as this crisis continues to grow.

Watchful Eyes – The Need Of An Hour

To believe or not but Asia is on verge of a big collapse in 2012 probably if the boil in the market don’t stops right away. As per market research reports published in many magazines worldwide bubble is going to burst any time in Asia and precautions needs to be taken.

Social Classes in the US – Are There Unspoken Divisions in the Land of Freedom?

Recently, self proclaimed economic experts have been proclaiming the Death Bell signaling the elimination of the Middle Class America” has been clapping methodically for the last 3 years. Most of these experts were the very ones proclaiming the Conservatives’ battle cry of America’s Unions were destroying the economy by allowing the American worker to become fat and lazy, unable to compete in a world market.

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