Revealed: The Babylon Bee’s Secret to Predicting the Future

Should the SBA Be a Cabinet Set in the US Executive Branch?

The other day, I was talking to a gentleman who was involved in politics, and also worked in race relations, how fitting it would be to listen to his wisdom only a few days before Dr. Martin Luther King’s holiday. I was amazed to hear of his love of free-markets, small business, and his view that free-markets allow for freedom, diversity, and transcend race and gender issues.

The Face of The Average American Is Changing Due to Economic Chaos

We do not have to shrink because of the economic collapse taking place in America, in fact we should expand our efforts to live a good quality of life. Discover what we can do to make 2012 our best year ever, in the best country on the face of the earth.

Evading the Obvious

A persistent situation has developed among the current political and economic climate that forebodes of large potential problems in the future. This situation finds its source in a phenomenon that we refer to as “Evading the Obvious.”

Expected Economic Recession in 2012

What is the chance of a recession in the near future? Has the world come out of the severe depression it faced in 2008, or is it still reeling from it? Check this article to know more.

Greece To Adopt Austerity Measures

Greece has been facing this dilemma for quite long now and finally it has decided to go down the difficult road. The makings of the Greek debt crisis are beset in the politico-economic system that evolved over the times, including an overly invested public sector and a win-win nexus between the political leadership and trade unions.

Progressivism Isn’t Progress, VI

One of the big ways the progressives seek your support is to continuously adjust your expectations downward – your expectations of prosperity and abundance, of lifestyle, of enjoying the fruits of honest labor, of a long and happy life itself. They constantly bombard you with messages about how unfair all of those things are, and how evil it supposedly is that some enjoy prosperous lives while others don’t….

New York Times Tilts News On Taxes, Again

Biased reporting on taxes has become a New York Times tradition. The tradition is alive and well.

2012 UK Economic Outlook

The coming of the New Year brings new hope for a fresh start and a better tomorrow – but this does not seem to apply to the UK’s economy. As early as November 2011, the British Chambers of Commerce has already warned that any growth that can be expected in the UK economy in 2012 is likely to be minimal until the middle of the year. They admit the impact of the debt crisis in the eurozone had been greater than they had originally foreseen.

The New Beige Book – A Report You Must Read

The Beige Book is a report prepared by the Federal Reserve on the performance of the US economy based on inputs received from businesses, market experts, forex professionals and banks outside the Fed system. It does not represent the views of the US Fed.

Make Or Break For The Euro – What Is It Really?

Is the Euro headed for a breakup or can the Euro zone salvage the single currency from cracking up by making necessary political and financial compromises? The process is not going to be painless, but could lead to economic sacrifices in the short run and hardship for some nations in the least.

Is the US Economy Poised for a Turnaround?

If economists and Forex professionals are to be believed, they are of the view that the US economy is poised to grow at 2.4% in 2012, up from the sub 2% growth this year, provided the Euro crisis does not drag the US economy down. Unfortunately, this is not robust enough to generate employment as required and the unemployment rate is expected to remain around 8.5%.

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